Many Different Ways That Silicone Bracelets Help Connect People

The only thing American cyclist Lance Armstrong wanted to do in May 2004 was to make people be aware of how cancer could be prevented and empower those who already have that condition. A survivor of testicular cancer, Armstrong launched a fundraiser called “Livestrong” where yellow colored silicone bracelets made by Nike were handed out to raise money to finance the Livestrong Foundation, a support group for cancer survivors. To date, 80 million Livestrong rubber bracelets have been sold. Armstrong has made an icon of the silicone gel bracelets that have since been associated as a tool for awareness of various causes such as child abuse, racism, deforestation, indigenous peoples, animal cruelty, gay rights, immigrants, diabetics and war veterans.

Silicone is the hands down choice of material for these wristbands which have become fashion accessories as well. Why are they such a hit? Because they are long lasting, water resistant, flexible, attractive and unique. They not only come in an ever-widening range of colors but in a rapidly increasing selection of designs and patterns. Debossed, silk screened, color debossed, printed or embossed, they can come in single colors, glow in the dark, multicolor, marbled, color changing (the wristband’s color changes in environments with temperatures over 30°C), UV reflective (the wristband will change its color when exposed to sunlight) and even mosquito repellant! And of late, some manufacturers have even added options such as applying glitter and perfume on for customers who want something more attention getting. Engraved wristbands using laser-engraving machinery is gaining ground as the next edition of these ubiquitous silicone bangles. Ironically, manufacturers of laser-engraved rubber bracelets have been reported to charge astronomical prices for their products even when they are actually cheaper to make since they are almost identical to the debossed type in their appearance and feel. Laser-engraved custom rubber wristbands don’t even require imprint molds to be made, saving both money and time for the manufacturer.

Armstrong’s fundraiser subsequently opened doors for other uses of the silicone rubber wristbands which he unwittingly catapulted into stardom. Nine years since they were sold as symbols of the fight against cancer, rubber wristbands have become full-fledged promotional merchandise which is now used by products, ideas and brands. From election campaigns to airline flights, silicone bracelets are an integral part of communications plans and strategies to get more of everything: votes, sales, subscribers, members and customers. No wonder the rubber bracelet industry has become a billion dollar business in less than ten years after its first appearance.

Non-profits continue to use them in creating awareness and sustaining interest while government institutions hand them out to empower communities, boost morale for overseas armed forces personnel and maintain goodwill among intra-governmental agencies. Other than the ubiquitous use of these bracelets by marketing departments of businesses, advertising agencies and public relations outfits, rubber wristbands now cater to sports teams, religious organizations, medical facilities, schools, places of entertainment and leisure (as a kind of security measure and accessibility pass to use private swimming pools and enter private communities). Armstrong’s silicone bracelets have indeed come a long way in connecting different people believing in and working for different ideals and purposes.


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Rubber Message Bracelets – An Effective Advertisement Tool

Maybe you’ve seen rubber message bracelets worn during special occasions such as fund raising events or when raising awareness for a cause, and it’s easy to see why, because it has proven to be effective in terms of delivering a message. What you may not realize is that these bracelets can be just as effective as an advertising tool. In fact, it can be as powerful as a full page or TV ad but doesn’t cost as much.

Ways of Using Silicone Rubber Bracelets

Bracelets can be an effective advertising tool because they can penetrate your target market and audience as easily as when using them to raise awareness for a cause. To build name or brand recall, you can manufacture these bracelets and give them away to customers for free along with the product you are selling. Not only do you get the opportunity to use your product to establish name recall, but the bracelet can help because as long as the customer is wearing it, your company’s name is embedded in their mind and becomes associated with quality.

Keep in mind that silicone rubber bracelets are very popular as an accessory, and you can easily craft a message or your company’s motto on each one. By simply manufacturing and packaging them with your products, you’ll have thousands of people wearing bracelets carrying your brand’s message. It’s an affordable and effective method of getting people interested in your company and what you have to offer. Giving away rubber message bracelets is, in short, a good way to get people curious about your business.

Affordable and Versatile Advertising Solutions

If you don’t want to manufacture your own wristbands then you can just order wholesale or have them custom designed. Because they’ve proven so popular, there are now several websites and services selling ready-made or customizable bracelets at low prices. In fact many of them offer discounts if you buy in bulk. In terms of design there are plenty to choose from, and as stated you can have them customized. Alternatively, you can purchase blank bracelets and add the design or logo yourself.

It’s true you need to spend some money in the manufacture or design. However, the ROI, whether in terms of increased product sales, brand recognition, or awareness of a cause that your company is supporting, is very high. A look at business trade shows will show that wristbands are being widely used, are a testament to its efficiency. Of course you can’t just use your company’s logo or slogan, as you also need to make sure the design will catch people’s eyes.

Today’s rubber message bracelets are available in a variety of styles, the most popular being the color filled, printed and embossed bracelets and bands. There is no single right style to use, and it really depends on the kind of message or emotion you want to convey. Regardless of the style you use, there’s no questioning the fact that rubber bracelets can provide you with an affordable way of reaching out to customers.


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Custom Rubber Wristbands Made For More than Raising Cancer Awareness

The general appeal of custom rubber wristbands is in the simplicity of their customization. Already, these bracelets have a burgeoning niche as highly effective marketing collaterals, not to mention the similar result they yield when used as tools for fundraising. Custom rubber wristbands have high levels of elasticity from their silicone content’s elastomeric ingredients which make them not only flexible and bendable but also resistant to water. Because of this elastic property, these bracelets are capable of stretching well over the wrists even of individuals with plus-size wrist measurements. Wearing these silicone rubber creations has never been more popular than they are today.

Customization makes the production and the wearing of these silicone rubber bracelets fun as well as socially relevant. Lettering formats can be:

  • Embossed – raised letters protrude 2 to 2 ½ millimeters from the bracelet band’s surface. An imprint mold is used to place the letters on the silicone strips;
  • Debossed – the opposite of embossed wherein debossed words also go through a molder while placed on the silicone strips;
  • Color and debossed – this format type undergoes the same process as the debossed rubber wristbands but differs in the way that the debossed letters are highlighted in either a single color or a fusion of hues; and
  • Silk screened – the letters are placed on the silicone’s surface without the imprint mold in a different color from that of the wristband.

Most manufacturers of custom rubber wristbands offer their customers a wide range of colors to choose from, as well as designs and patterns which may or may not be included in the overall design of the wristband. There are options of multicolored, single-colored, color fusions, segmented coloring or marbleized effects depending on customer preference.

Although the silicone bracelets attained their iconic status when cyclist Lance Armstrong gave them out as a wearable symbol for supporting cancer awareness, it has taken other routes to assume other roles. Some use these rubber bracelets to indicate certain allergies or adverse reactions of the wearer in case they are in an emergency situation such as a vehicular accident or bouts of fainting.

In Australia, they are called “ad bangles,” a reference to how these colored rubber wristbands have been used time and again by advertising agencies and marketing companies to get promotional messages across without spending a fortune and yet look “in” and “cool.”

In New York, on advertising row in Madison Avenue, these fancy silicone wristbands have promoted hamburgers, perfume, underwear, furniture, car rentals, art galleries and even seniors’ bingo night. But there’s a more serious side to wearing them. Some of these rubber bracelets are now used as some form of security or accessibility pass by hotels, private swimming pools and beaches, neighborhood communities, wellness facilities and gyms, sporting events, business conferences and even musical concerts. As a supplement to ID cards, some large conglomerate employers have even taken to outfitting their workers with these custom rubber wristbands to distinguish which departments or units their employees belong to.


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Colored Rubber Bracelets – Perfect for Fundraising and Showing Support

Raising awareness for a cause or promoting a product, fundraiser or event can be challenging, but by using colored rubber bracelets you’ll be able to spread the word quickly and effectively across a broad spectrum. Initially looked down upon as a fad, they’re now used by several organizations to promote their pet causes.


Different Colors and Styles

Silicone rubber bracelets, unlike t-shirts and other promotional tools, are lightweight and cheap, and you can wear it anywhere you are without sticking out. The first bands were yellow and used exclusively to raise awareness about cancer, but now these bracelets are available in different colors ranging from black, white to all the colors in the rainbow and even multicolor bands. In fact it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to provide customers like you with a chart so you can pick the color.

Silicone rubber bracelets are not only available in different colors but styles as well, and silicone is the best available material because it produces a durable band and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your wrist at all. Furthermore, you don’t have to use a single-color band because two-toned and swirled bands are available too.  Regardless of the design you choose, you’ll have an easy time imprinting the message or your organization’s logo on them. The most widely used style is debossed wherein the letters are pressed in the bracelet, while the embossed design is the opposite with raised letters.


Get the Message Out

Regardless which colored rubber bracelets design you choose, these bands will convey the message you’re sending out faster when compared to other means. Because you can use different colors, people will naturally become curious and you can then use this opportunity to explain what your wristbands are all about. Not only are bracelets convenient to wear, but they’re also inexpensive. Compared with t-shirts, bracelets only cost a few dollars to manufacture or order, and they’re widely available too.

The ease with which bracelets can be purchased, along with the impact they can generate, has made them very popular in the United States and around the world. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, several Katrina bracelets and wristbands were manufactured and sold, with the proceeds going to the benefit of the victims. This isn’t an isolated case, as it has been repeated in other countries around the world where calamity has struck. Whenever disaster strikes, you’re bound to see volunteers wearing bracelets as a sign of unity. While these are also used for raising funds, they’re also a symbol of survival.  

As pointed out earlier, these bracelets were first used for increasing cancer awareness but are now also used for AIDS and other diseases. What makes these bracelets so appealing is their flexibility, allowing you to change their appearance and style to suit a specific event or occasion. You can for example, design colored rubber bracelets and make them more appropriate for special events, promotional activities, fraternities, schools and so on. In other words, the only limit is your imagination and creativity.


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Say It with Silicone Rubber Wristbands

Years ago a popular style of wristband was a sweatband, and were popular with tennis players, but mainly their purpose was to catch the athlete’s sweat that ran down their arms which might get in the way of the hand’s grip on the tennis racket. But today, there are silicone rubber wristbands are thinner and more colorful. And they are not exclusive to tennis players either. In fact, these wristbands have evolved so much that they now come as rubber wristbands. Some of them come with art designs, engraved names and messages, and they can be embossed or debossed. These erstwhile sweatbands have also attained the status of being fashion accessories.

They have come as harbingers of messages that proclaim encouragement, support, sentiment, challenge, disgust or anger. These wristbands have become a vehicle for public relations, advertising, marketing, news, social commentary and personal networking. Causes and advocacies have benefited from silicone rubber wristbands, for instance, which became the tool for raising awareness of cancer when cyclist Lance Armstrong set up his “Livestrong” campaign in 2004.


The Evolution of Armstrong’s Silicone Rubber Wristbands

A survivor of testicular cancer, Armstrong’s rubber wristbands were in yellow, the color of the jersey worn by the champion of the Tour de France cycling event, which Armstrong had won seven consecutive times (1999-2005). Various kinds of wristbands have since emerged, espousing recognition, confirmation or backing of ideas, political candidates and patronage of sports teams, celebrities and other ideals.

Wristbands are now a popular item as corporate giveaways, loot bag fillers, election campaign collaterals, tourism souvenirs and business promotions. Companies manufacturing these colored rubber wristbands offer them as color-filled, in multi-colors, color-cored, laser printed or graphically designed. The mass marketing of any thing can effectively yield unexpected success, as proven by the custom rubber wristbands for general cancer awareness. Hypoallergenic as well as water resistant, these are made of flexible and durable silicone gel or rubber.


Rubber Wristbands as Awareness Tools

When used as “awareness tools,” wristbands like these become fundraisers by themselves when they are sold as “cancer awareness bracelets,” for instance, in every color that corresponds to the type of cancer being prevented or treated. Pink silicone rubber bracelets sound off for breast cancer awareness as do white for lung cancer, lime green for lymphoma, dark blue for colon cancer, black for melanoma, grey for brain cancer, orange for leukemia and burgundy for multiple myeloma.

While these wristbands seem to be the promotional tool of choice for advocacies such as cancer awareness, their function is not exclusive to those groups.  Personalized rubber bracelets have invaded the fashion industry as accessories for different types of casual outfits. Some of these bracelets come engraved and carry the simplest texts: “It’s A Runner’s World,” “Love Means Nothing to a Tennis Player” and “Walking is Exercise, Too!” are only some of the messages that the individuals wearing them want everybody to know. Online petitions may be gaining some ground, but unless you’re doing Facebook 24/7, silicone rubber wristbands are still ahead of the awareness game.


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Why Rubber Bracelets Will Never Go Out of Style

Rubber bracelets have been around for a long time, and while fashion trends come and go, these bracelets are going to be around for a very long time, because unlike other fads, these are very flexible, affordable and customizable so you can wear them on different occasions. Whether it is for raising awareness, promoting something or sharing information or charity, the humble rubber bracelet can do it all.

Simple yet Versatile

Silicone rubber bracelets, in their most basic design, are rubber loops that you wear over your wrist with a message or logo stamped on them. One of the most popular ways of using these bracelets is to print a “Come Home Soon” message for servicemen working overseas, and these are also used by some medical facilities to inscribe the name of a patient and their medication on it. By checking the bracelet and the attached information, the attending medical personnel can see the pertinent data without looking it up in their database.

Of course these bracelets can also be worn as an accessory. Available in pink, black, neon, pastel and just about every color you can think of, you can mix and match them with other accessories and apparel and deliver your own personal message. However, there’s no questioning the fact rubber bracelets are best known and associated with charity, relief efforts and similar activities. These bracelets can also be seen on the wrists of aid workers and volunteers working in disaster relief areas, citizens campaigning for specific causes and so on.

Why the Widespread Appeal?

There are many reasons why these bracelets have become the most popular means for ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve” so to speak. Unlike t-shirts or banners, silicone rubber bracelets are inexpensive, easy to mass produce and can be customized to suit your cause. Since they’re just rubber loops, you can add a message or logo and use different colors for your wristbands, depending on what cause you’re supporting or message you are trying to send out.

For individuals who want to show their support for a particular cause or show they’re part of a volunteer group, he or she can purchase them cheaply, often for as little as a dollar a piece. If you’re organizing an event and want to order bracelets in bulk, you can do so and often at a discount because competition among these companies is tight. Ordering methods are flexible too, allowing you to purchase as little as a dozen packs or get them in hundreds.

Aside from being used to support causes, these wristbands can be employed in other ways such as controlling crowds, and venues often use them as a device for restricting access in concerts or other events to those who have tickets or passes. But more than that, the reason why rubber bracelets will never go out of style is it has come to symbolize man’s determination to survive against the odds. By simply adding a message, symbol or logo on a bracelet, you’ll be able to express your message clearly.


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Maximizing the Potential of Colored Rubber Bracelets as Tools of Awareness

Marketing departments of businesses have discovered another use for colored rubber bracelets other than as “awareness bracelets”: they are a cost-efficient, no hassle and high ROI (return on investment) method of advertising. Even American Peace Corps personnel and volunteers are sporting these wristbands which have become effective message conveyors.

Any product, brand or idea which is in need of publicity would benefit tremendously by employing these rubber bracelets as they have indispensable marketing collateral. Print advertising is gradually losing its hold on business because of the high costs it entails to produce and sustain. Unlike other promotional merchandise such as mugs, key chains, pens and umbrellas, colored rubber wristbands don’t just have novelty but an inspiring history behind it from when cyclist and testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and Nike joined forces and came up with the yellow custom rubber wristbands emblazoned with the words “Livestrong,” printed as one word. Since then, they have become the top choice of non-profits as their “awareness tool.”

Their potential to reach out to many people as seemingly walking billboards for various causes and advocacies has gained a niche market for silicone rubber bracelets faster than for other traditional awareness tools such as t-shirts. And because rubber wristbands are relatively lower priced than similarly-featured merchandise, they have easily transitioned from being awareness tools to marketing collaterals to fashion statements. They are now all-encompassing, all-purpose factors that help spread awareness, bring in monetary profits and enhance outfits as accessories. More than just a few celebrities such as actors Liam Hemsworth and musician Tuomas Holopainen have been photographed wearing these colored rubber bracelets so have athletes like Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox, politicians like Arizona Senator John McCain and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

The fact that even icons are not above wearing them spell out the situation clearly: these rubber gel wrist accessories are powerful messengers and dynamic attention getters. Remember Havaianas flip-flops and their “Design Your Havaianas” marketing campaign? A customer buys a pair of the Brazilian-made flip-flops and gets to design his or her new Havaianas any which way, sequined, beaded, hand-painted, with glitters, matte, in neon colors, the works. The same could be done for these silicone wristbands as well, but as of date, there’s no charitable organization, advocacy or cause-oriented group who has done this on a large scale.

But perhaps somebody reading this will go out and do “Design Your Own Rubber Wristband” for some good cause, maybe even using the use of laser printers or some other high technology gadget. Commercial manufacturers, though, would do well with constant innovations of the technologies they use to make these bracelets in order to keep the interest in them sustained. To go the way of other trends which hog the limelight for the 15 minutes of fame they originally only desired is a setback which would leave so many searching for another marketing initiative. There is the reality that, since they have become ubiquitous, these colored rubber bracelets might suffer potential saturation if not marketed with discretion.


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Show Your Support with Rubber Awareness Bracelets

Rubber awareness bracelets are now the most popular means by which people can show their support for a particular cause, political affirmation, allegiance to a group or indicate that they are taking part in an event. These bracelets first hit the limelight in 2004 and were used by Livestrong to raise awareness for cancer funding and research, and they remain popular to this day.

Symbols for a Cause

Silicone rubber bracelets became an instant hit with athletes and soon the general public as well. Although these were initially known for raising cancer awareness, they’ve also become a general symbol or icon to show support for a specific cause. What makes these bracelets so effective is their efficiency in reaching a large segment of the public, not to mention the fact you can purchase a large volume at a low price.

Because they’re so inexpensive and customizable it’s hardly surprising these items are so popular in fundraising events. These bands are not just a hit with organizers, but with manufacturers too. After all, silicone rubber bracelets cost only a few cents to create and they can be sold for a dollar, a price which can still earn you a profit.

Bracelets are Trendy Too

Wearing one of these bracelets is not only a means for showing your support, but it’s also a trendy accessory, popular with kids and adults alike. Wearing rubber awareness bracelets makes you feel like you are part of a group and helping make a difference. At the same time, these bracelets are available in different styles so they don’t look too bad either. The rubber bands are sold in a variety of colors and they’re also customizable. In addition, bands can be designed in different ways, so they’re low key at the same time a constant presence. When someone asks you why you are wearing those wristbands you can seize that opportunity to enlighten them about the cause you’re supporting.

Using Bracelets or Bands for a Cause

It isn’t just in the colors that the bracelets differ though, as an assortment of styles are now available such as silk screened, painted and embossed. If you’re organizing an event and plan to use them to show your support for a particular cause, have your bands custom designed so they look unique.

Also keep in mind that wristbands are made from different materials, but the best ones are those made of silicone as they don’t get out of shape or snap off with repeated use. If you’re going to buy some bracelets, remember that real silicone is extremely flexible. If you can stretch the band repeatedly and it doesn’t snap, it’s probably the real thing.

Now if you’re the event organizer don’t settle for anything less than silicone so the bands you give away don’t break off easily. If you’re going to order rubber awareness bracelets remember that you can have full control over the design. You can just order them “blank” so to speak and add the logo or message, so the ones you give out have a distinct appearance.


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Customized Rubber Bracelets – An Essential Fundraising Tool

Customized rubber bracelets have come a long way since they were first used for raising awareness for cancer and supporting related research. Because it proved effective, other charitable groups and organizations have followed suit and now produce special bracelets with different colors and messages. Today, the bracelet has become synonymous with supporting a cause.

Why Bracelets are so Effective

Silicone rubber bracelets have become very popular because research has shown it is capable of increasing public awareness and raising funds for an organization or cause. For this reason, it’s no longer unusual to see bracelets used for anti-bullying campaigns, raising awareness for AIDS, diabetes or other diseases. Unlike other methods, bracelets are universal in nature, breaking the boundaries of age, gender, race, language and country. By wearing those silicone rubber bracelets you signify your support for the cause wherever you are. Compared to carrying placards or banners, you can wear a bracelet all day and pretty much anywhere. They’re unobtrusive and yet can still catch the attention of people and show that you fully support this particular cause.

Different Styles

These bracelets and bands have evolved in appearance and style. While the debossed yellow bands are still well known, other styles have emerged. The debossed style, with the letters pressed into the band surface, is widely used but so are embossed bracelets, where the lettering is raised over the band’s surface.

These days, embossed customized rubber bracelets have become a hit with fundraising organizations because it’s more eye catching. If you want those bracelets to stand out even more, you can add colored ink to your band so the message becomes even more vivid. This isn’t just for style points, but it serves to highlight the message you are conveying. In addition, some fundraising groups use multi-colored wristbands so they stand out even more.

Which Style is Best Suited for Fundraising?

No single style can be considered as the best, as it will all depend on what type of bracelet you want to produce and the message you want to express. But if your company is the one who’s going to supply these wristbands you need to understand how they are produced so you’ll know how long it will take to produce. Debossed bracelets for example, require a custom mold to produce the desired effect. Embossed bracelets also use a special mold although their appearance is of course distinct from the debossed one.

However, your choices when it comes to customized bracelets are not limited to embossing or debossing, because printed silicone bands are also available. Made from a custom template, it is then placed on the bracelet and, using a special dye, prints the message. Whichever method you choose, make sure that your customized rubber bracelets are well made so it doesn’t chip or flake. Compared to an embossed or debossed bracelet, printed bracelets are cheaper to produce. However, the choice is really up to you, and it all depends on the type of fund raiser you want to do.


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What Makes Rubberband Bracelets Tick?

If by some chance you’ve noticed a slightly thick and bright multicolored bracelet made of rubber bands coiled around someone’s wrist, then you’ve just made a brief acquaintance with the latest socially agreeable and stylish way to express yourself and your thoughts to the world. These are rubberband bracelets, also referred to as silicone rubber bracelets, a very popular medium adopted by nearly everyone nowadays to promote an honorable cause, or simply to express kind words of optimism, encouragement and comfort.


What Do Rubber Band Bracelets Stand For?

This type of bracelets is worn as a means to span everything from promoting cancer awareness to racism. One popular example would be the yellow “Live Strong” silicone bracelet used by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money to fund cancer research and to promote increased awareness of the disease. Another is the wearing of a combination of a black and a white rubber band on the wrist to signify that the wearer is against racism.

The colors of these rubberband bracelets are not the only ones that identify what cause they stand up for. It is the messages as well which are color-filled, silk-screened, embossed, or engraved onto the bracelets which helps to back these causes. These bracelets are at the very top of almost everyone’s list as far as generating awareness is concerned.


What Makes Them So Popular?

Apart from fund raising and charitable events, these rubberband bracelets are very popular as well in company events, concerts, school affairs, sporting events, and others. One of the reasons they are so popular is they are inexpensive which makes them within easy reach for nearly everyone. Another reason is that they are not restricted to a certain age group or gender. You won’t be arrested by the fashion police if you’re seen wearing one of these on your wrist, whether you are young or old, male or female.


Who Can Wear Rubber Band Bracelets?

There are no set rules for the number of bracelets that can be worn. And there is also no rule – written or unwritten – that states that you can only wear rubber wristbands that stand for something or delivers some sort of message. In truth, it is acceptable to wear these bracelets for their design, for their color, or the message they carry, or just for the sake of wearing them. Again, fashion police can’t drag you off to jail for wearing these items just because you want to.

Nevertheless, it is general knowledge that many people wear one or more of these rubberband bracelets because they do have significant meaning to the wearer.

  • It can be in support of a cause that they find worthy.
  • It can be a way for them to establish a unique personal identity.
  • It can be an event they have attended and have wonderful memories of.
  • Or it can hold deeper meaning such as struggling with some terrible odds and winning.

Whatever meaning they hold for the wearer, rubberband bracelets reveal far more than the message it holds. They show the world what stuff their wearers are made of and what they stand for.


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