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Rubber Bracelets: A Different Kind of Accessory

Rubber bracelets have been around for some time now. People often sport them to show their support for a particular organization, group, or simply to make their own statement. These silicone bracelets are worth looking into since they are durable

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Rubber Bracelets: Effective Tools for Promotions and Fundraising Activities

The popularity of rubber bracelets began in 2004 during the promotion of Lance Armstrong’s attempt to bring together all cancer-stricken patients and unite them in one organization that will give them support and encouragement. The motto of this fundraising event

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Message Bracelets: History and Uses

Message bracelets are a great way for anyone to show affinity to certain causes, which in turn would increase awareness in those who would be unaware of what these bracelets might represent. More known to people as awareness bracelets, they

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Rubber Bracelets in Every Color

There are hundreds of colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a rubber bracelet. This fashion accessory has been around not just for fashion but also to get a certain message across. Rubber bracelets have made their mark

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Rubber Bracelets for Every Occasion

Everyday, various events happen. Everyday, all sorts of people promote all sorts of things. There are fundraisers. There are special gatherings. There are causes to be supported. There’s always something to be remembered, perfect for rubber bracelets. Where you can

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Reasons Why You Should Wear Custom Rubber Bracelets

There has been a great demand for the use of custom rubber bracelets these days. Since the day it was introduced in the market, it has slowly gained popularity especially among the teenagers. Perhaps it may be due to fandom

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Rubber Bracelets: Funky and Stylish Wrist Accessory

Rubber bracelets are fast becoming popular today especially with their colorful designs and materials used. Wristbands that are made from silicone rubber are often bought since they make such a strong fashion statement. Not only that, they are more durable

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Rubber Bracelets: Increasing Popularity Day by Day

Have you heard of rubber bracelets? Almost every kid down the block has heard of them. Nowadays even grown ups sport these awesome trendy bracelets. So what is it exactly about these bracelets that make them so popular? In this

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Why are Custom Rubber Bracelets so Popular?

Custom rubber bracelets are rubber bracelets which are made on special custom orders. Bracelets have always been a popular piece of jewelry since eternity. The reason why most women like bracelets is that they are trendy and comfortable. They do

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Cancer Awareness Bracelets with a Purpose

There are many ways to promote different issues of the world. If we take a look at our world today, we see different communities, organizations, and individuals looking for a chance to heal cancer. How are we ever going to

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