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Great Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ideas for 2015

You may think that charity and research groups for breast cancer get more money that they could ever need, but the truth is, they don’t. This is why there are many breast cancer fundraising events and promotional products like rubber

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Showing Support through Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Cancer is a serious matter that can change the life of not only the cancer patient, but also his or her friends and family. And as hard as times can get for the person suffering from cancer, showing support for

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Little Bracelets of Living Strong

Ever since the Live-Strong rubber bracelets from Lance Armstrong came out, silicone rubber cancer awareness bracelets have been the staple for cause awareness, have they not? These little rubber bands worn around the wrist have made such an impact, especially

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Accessorize For A Cause!

The cancer awareness bracelet has been used by various other charities and organizations to their advantage, following the success of the LiveStrong bracelets.

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Cancer Awareness Bracelets – Check Them Out

For some time now cancer awareness bracelets with the word ‘courage’ have been used in spreading awareness of how the women can take the preventive measures in avoiding the cancer in the ovary.

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Colored Rubber Bracelets for Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a plague that is part of the inevitable reality in current times. It is a disease that chooses no one. With the increased cases of people having different types of cancer, more people are more aware and knowledgeable

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Rubber Cancer Bracelets: An Efficient Way to Propagate Awareness

The popularity of rubber bracelets as marketing and promotional tools is slowly rising. A lot of companies, agencies and organizations now use these sport accessories to propagate their products, brands, company, and messages. Silicone rubber bracelets, for example, have been

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Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Symbol of Your Support to Fight Cancer

Do you know someone who has suffered from cancer? Indeed, this is one disease that is very difficult to battle. Acquiring cancer cells that slowly destroys the organs and immune system while killing the person bit by bit can really

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Wear Cancer Awareness Bracelets and Support the Cause

Have you seen cancer awareness bracelets? Over the years, many cancer survivors and advocates have been working hard in order to make people aware of the presence of cancer in the society. These people want to make sure that all

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Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Striking a Balance between Fashion and Passion

When you look at the way information and advocacy is mobilized today, you would be surprised to know that it has learned to milk the bandwagon concept for all its worth. This means that advocacies are proliferated through trends. While

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