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How Much Should You Spend on Customized Rubber Wristbands

Customized rubber wristbands make for a great advertising tool because they’re visible, easy-to-wear and relatively cheap. Most companies are now choosing wristbands as their primary advertising tool compared to simply rolling out advertisements in print and broadcast media. But how

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5 Reasons Why Silicone Rubber Wristbands Should Be Used in Marketing Your Brand

More and more companies have realized the potential that silicone rubber wristbands have on their marketing campaigns. You can now see wristbands with logos of different companies, sports teams, charities and TV shows everywhere you go. If your company is

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Cheap But Chic: Rubber Wristbands Can Help Make Your Event A Success!

The best events are those that happen without a hitch! Events are all about planning everything perfectly, down to the last detail. The key to success is planning an event that guarantees maximum fun with minimal fuss. This is every

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