Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Inspiring Hope

Cancer awareness bracelets were made popular by Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong. He wore the famous yellow Livestrong accessory to raise awareness on the illness and raise funds for his cause. A cancer survivor himself, he desired to tell people about the disease by sporting this wristband, prompting famous personalities like Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Usher to use these statement bracelets to spread the message of living life fully despite such a threatening illness. Likewise, several groups and individuals have used awareness bracelets to voice their sentiments and raise funds for a worthy cause.

Cancer wristbands are normally constructed of non-allergenic, water-resistant silicone material which could contain a logo, a slogan, or a lone word. Cancer awareness bracelets can be personalized and bought with no minimums. Designs vary from colored to monotone, embossed, debossed, color-filled, or pop-outs but there are certain cancer awareness colors to identify these bands. cites wristband colors and their corresponding meaning. Pink, for instance, has been long known as a breast cancer awareness color. Black represents skin cancer; blue for colon, prostate, and rectal cancer; green for liver and eye cancer; orange for kidney cancer; white for bone cancer; yellow for bladder and testicular cancer; and purple for pancreatic cancer.

Cancer awareness bracelets more than anything inspire hope. To fan this spirit, bracelets from and contain messages such as Courage, Feel the Power, Live Free, Smoke Free, Cancer Sucks, or Say It, Fight It, Cure It. Such are engraved in the bands to give a positive reminder, the messages acting like a mantra, encouraging people to continue to live with less fear and to summon others behind their purpose. The wristbands do it in a quiet but heart felt way.

Instances in which people sport these cancer awareness bracelets are varied. Some wear them during a large public event like a marathon or a concert or use them as giveaways or souvenirs. Others individually wear them as a statement accessory. Still others use them as a fundraising article to promote studies on the disease and awareness on its symptoms and prevention.

Cancer can be prevented and it can even be thwarted with early diagnosis. If you need an uplifting token, have a loved one who suffers from this illness, or you simply care about raising awareness on cancer, you can use this simple, symbolic ornament to help spread word that could help lives and even possibly save some.


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