Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Sparking People’s Critical Minds

Rubber bracelets are bracelets made of silicone rubber. They are commonly known as “baller ids” and they remain to be one of the oldest yet wonderfully fashionable accessories anyone can have. Its popularity has snowballed over the years because people realized that it can be mass produced at a low price and can be very versatile. It exists in any color a person can ever imagine which makes it perfect for people who want to send a message by using this accessory. As a matter of fact, the proliferation of cancer awareness bracelets was spearheaded by the availability of rubber bracelets in the market.

Fashion is expression

They say that what you wear speaks a lot of about who you are as a person, and what kind of advocacies  you believe in. For example, hippies during the eighties were not just considered as a bunch of fashionable and weed smoking kids, but rather, a political movement that wanted to abolish a lot of government control that exists in the nation. The way they dressed back then, however, created a distinct identity that made anyone who looked like a hippie automatically a part of the government movement.

Another example of this is the bikini. This is a form of clothing that celebrated a minimalist and feminist identity in showing off some skin as a part of forwarding bodily autonomy.  But, as movements evolved, the need to be adaptive became a concern, so as to not offend different sensitivities in sending a political message. Cancer awareness bracelets became a testament to this as everyone – regardless of their alignment in the fashion spectrum – can wear this. This is because cancer awareness bracelets actually strike a balance between attires that are overly casual and laid back, or those that speak of power, fashion, and elite social classes. This then becomes the bridge that connects different strata and social classes to each other.

Awareness is never boring

Eventually, movements have seen the need to connect with the current generation in order for them to catch people’s attention. Given the rise of a lot of concerns and a lot of innovative ideas to mobilize people in joining these causes, particularly cancer awareness, different organizations have handed out cancer awareness bracelets to create a wave of people who can spark society’s critical and inquisitive minds. As a matter of fact, one of the most effective strategies that people used was to ask celebrity endorsers to revolutionize the meaning behind this accessory. People like Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna, among others have been seen wearing cancer awareness bracelets during on-screen and off-screen appearances. Because of this, movements have seen a rise in the number of people who suddenly became immersed with different causes and advocacies. Psychological researchers call it the bandwagon effect which happens when people get acquainted with something that suddenly became very popular. The natural tendency of people fit in became the strongest suit of these organizations. The best thing about it is that each shade of bracelet represents a particular kind of cancer, allowing people to choose which bracelet they should wear. What about you, what is your color today?