Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Support the Fight by Wearing Silicone Bands

Silicone bracelets are becoming fast sellers not only because they are considered a fad, but also because people buy them for a cause. Silicone bracelets are selling like pancakes because each one symbolizes something significant, something that the buyer stands for. Rubber bracelets are sold either for a good cause, or for raising people’s awareness on a disease. Cancer awareness bracelets are openly available to different people around the world, in different sizes and different colors that signifies each cancer of the body.

Cancer is the metastasis of a certain group of cells that becomes uncontrollable and eventually takes over the entire body. More often than not, cancer is caused by bad lifestyle or environmental factors, but there are some cases that hereditary genetics also causes some cases of cancer. Tobacco, bad diet, lack of physical activity, and too much alcohol are just some of the lifestyle factors, while radiation and environmental pollutants are the environmental factors. Some parents who have benign tumors can also pass on a hereditary predisposition to cancer to their child if not careful. Tobacco causes cancer more than people think it does, since it not only affects the lungs as most people know, but it also affects the bladder, stomach, kidney, pancreas, and the larynx, among other body parts. Cancer awareness bracelets are there to promote that people should be aware of the different causes of cancer, not just tobacco.

Most people who wear cancer awareness bracelets are those who have family members who have cancer or they themselves have cancer or survived cancer. This small piece of rubber on their arm serves as a small reminder that a disease that is slowly killing the world has personally affected them. Some of these bands not only raise awareness of cancer but also raise funds for those small foundations who are dedicated to helping those who have cancer as well as to raise awareness that there are millions of people dying because of cancer, and the pain and suffering needs to stop.

Gold is for childhood cancer, gray is for brain cancer, dark blue silicone bracelets represents colon cancer, purple is for lupus, pink is for breast cancer, while yellow signifies hope. These are only some of the colors of cancer awareness bracelets that are available to those who wish to support the advocacy against cancer. People might not be able to stop it one person at a time but when everyone is in on it, some day, a cure for cancer may indeed be found.