Charity Rubber Bracelets by Color

For years we have been seeing the colored silicone rubber bracelets being worn by children and adults. The significance of the bracelets varies widely. Recently, the school kids used them as a sexual activity statement. Certain colors were associated with particular sexual activities. Fortunately, this fad did not last and many schools banned the bracelets to protect the students. But the more important meanings of these colored bracelets have outlasted the short lived fads and have continued to be used to promote awareness of various health, social issues, and charities. Below is a partial list of some of the colors used and its corresponding cause.

  • Green rubber bracelets – Rainforest Protection, Family Farmers Support, Brain Injury Awareness
  • Rainbow rubber bracelets – Peace, Gay Pride, Gay Marriage
  • Purple rubber bracelets – C.A.R.E., Animal Rescue, Pancreatic Cancer
  • Red rubber bracelets – AIDS/HIV, D.A.R.E, Diabetes, Heart Disease
  • Blue rubber bracelets – Child Abuse Awareness, Bone Marrow, Donation, Lymphoma, Foster Care Awareness
  • Orange rubber bracelets – Hunger, Cultural Diversity & Racial Tolerance
  • Silver rubber bracelets – Brain Disease, Mental Illness, Awareness of Children with Disabilities
  • Pink rubber bracelets (aka breast cancer awareness bracelets) – Breast Cancer, Children’s and Teenage Cancer
  • Yellow rubber bracelets – Leukemia, POW/MIA, Support our Troops

The above list is by no means comprehensive. There are numerous other colors being used and some organizations are using some of the same colors as others are using. Additional color combinations are being used for various sports teams, and companies are jumping on board to promote their brand names. Sometimes it will be necessary to read the message on the bracelets to know for sure.

If you feel inspired to help promote awareness about a cause near and dear to your heart, now is a good time to order rubber bracelets.