Colored Awareness Bracelets – 7 Colors Popularly Used for Charitable Causes

Colored awareness bracelets are being used with greater fervor these days, and these are ideal for conveying special messages. They come in a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes and shapes and are filled with ink, coated with color. These are imprinted with special messages to raise awareness about specific causes, such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer etc. The use of these bracelets began with Lance Armstrong in 2004 when he sported bright yellow wristbands to raise awareness and money for his cancer organization. Today, they are used for many charitable causes by lots of organizations.

White bracelets

Wristbands of white color are used frequently in order to gather support for Christian purposes, and come imprinted with messages such as “Right to Life” and “Jesus Loves Me”. These are also used for showing support for anti-racist causes. Likewise, combinations of white with black are used for anti-racist emotions.

Camouflage bracelets

These are debossed wristbands which are created out of at least 3 colors. Such kinds of bracelets are very popular with members of the armed forces, and these are used for supporting army recruitment campaigns. Camouflage colored awareness bracelets are widely used for armed forces. Like camouflaged bands, green colored bracelets are also used for supporting armed forces.

Red bracelets

These are used for raising funds for victims of tsunami. These are also quite popular for various other causes, such as HIV and AIDS. These types of ribbon are also used to raise awareness for heart disorders, stroke etc. Red colored awareness bracelets are also used for gathering support for diabetes.

Rainbow ribbon bracelets

Bracelets with these types of colors are used to gather support for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transsexual or GLBT community. It symbolizes gay pride and is used by members of the community to get support in their attempt to seek equal rights. Each of these bracelets, whether brown or teal, has a special kind of meaning. These often have the same color which has varied significances for various people.

Blue bracelets

These kinds of bands have blue color, and are used to gather support for people suffering from cystic fibrosis. Blue bands are also utilized for getting support for a wide variety of other causes. You can find these being used for preventing domestic violence and child abuse.

Yellow bracelets

Bracelets of bright yellow color are very popular since 2004, when champion cyclist Lance Armstrong used it for gathering support for his cancer organization, imprinted with the words “Live Strong”. Since that time, yellow colored awareness bracelets have come to be associated with cancer support and awareness. Today, you can find lots of cancer sufferers and survivors using them. Consumers can buy these from the official website, Live Strong.

Marbled bracelets

These are debossed bracelets which are generally manufactured by blending a couple of colors or even more. This helps create a marbled effect. You can find marbled green or red bracelets being used by many men and women today, and these are utilized for everything from gathering support for troops, raising awareness about AIDS and more.