Custom Rubber Bracelets Can Create Awareness

Custom rubber bracelets also commonly known as silicone bracelets have become quite a rage. These have now been worn by common people and celebrities alike to promote various causes and raise the public consciousness about various causes. The custom rubber bracelets were first popularized by Lance Armstrong who raised the awareness of cancer survival through his yellow bands for the Livestrong foundation. Within six months, the foundation was able collect $25.1 million. More than 7 million such bracelets have been sold since 2004.  The yellow band is now synonymous with spreading cancer awareness.

Since 2004, when it was made popular by Lance Armstrong, many profitable and non profitable organizations have followed suit and have introduced their own versions of the rubber bracelets.

Why are the silicone rubber wristbands popular?

The custom rubber bracelets signify particular causes and the colors are used for denoting those causes. For example, breast cancer awareness issues are signified by the color pink, while red colored bands signify the AIDS awareness campaign. These brightly colored custom rubber bracelets have also catapulted them into a hot fashion accessory. Since these rubber wristbands are made of silicone, it can repel water and has thermal stability and to a certain extent is physiologically inert. All of these enable the wearer to sport them 24/7 without any fear of allergies, wear and tear or fading of the color.

These custom rubber bracelets don’t get scratched or torn easily. They are not easily affected by heat and nor do they change their physical appearance or shape very easily. They are also flexible and can be easily worn by adults and children alike. This is the reason that they have become extremely popular as a fashion accent by so many people. Organizations such as schools, restaurants, discotheques and businesses have adopted the idea for furthering their business interests as well.

Each color has a significant message attached to the custom rubber bracelets

The custom rubber bracelets are used for making a personal statement or for creating awareness about various issues.

Some of the colors currently being used for creating awareness are:

  • Yellow rubber bracelets that symbolizes the fight against testicular cancer.
  • Pink rubber bands commonly represents awareness against breast cancer
  • The dark pink bands signify  fight against diabetes both juvenile and adult
  • Red bands signify the causes such as AIDS, Anti child abuse, mothers against drunk driving and many more.
  • Green bands are used by the environmentalist and those that help the victims of tsunamis as well
  • Dark blue bands are worn for creating awareness and fight against drugs
  • Light blue bands are used for creating awareness for women’s rights and  will also represent awareness campaigns for Parkinson’s disease.