Discovering Awareness Rubber Bracelets

What sets apart awareness rubber bracelets from other accessories you might be wearing? The answer is quite simple: they easily represent something other than style and fashion. Unlike metal bracelets or other accessories that are used just to accentuate your outfit, these rubber bracelets can be used to convey a message. Here’s a quick run-down to help you get a good idea about rubber bracelets and why they are really good tools for social awareness.

What are Awareness Rubber Bracelets?

Of course one of the most important things to address is to know what these bracelets are exactly. Rubber bracelets are actually made of silicone rubber which is why they are highly durable, elastic, and long lasting. The material also allows manufacturers to play with the colors and print all sorts of customized images or words.

Lance Armstrong was one of the first notable people to use rubber bracelets as a means of increasing social awareness. He was a cyclist known for wearing yellow rubber bracelets during his competitions and this was an effective way of making the public aware about his recovery from cancer. He had to wear rubber since athletes are not allowed to wear any form of metallic accessory while participating in their respective sport. The trend has never been let go. To this day, the yellow rubber bracelet has stood as the most well-known cancer awareness tool.

Different Kinds of Bracelets

There are actually different kinds of rubber wrist bracelets you can use for awareness and fundraising causes. The aesthetics may seem inconsequential at first but the way people see your bracelets can also affect their opinions on the concept or message you are trying to convey to them. Consider the following types of awareness rubber bracelets:

  1. Embossed – this is where the letterings or images are raised above the rubber surface. Sometimes they can seem glossed and this effect makes them stand out. If you want to really catch people’s attention then an embossed rubber bracelet will definitely do the job. The only problem is that you’ll more or less be limited to white letterings.
  2. Debossed – this is where the letterings or images are embedded into the surface, the exact opposite of an embossed bracelet. The good thing with debossed bracelets is that they give more options for inking, way more than embossed bracelets. This allows manufacturers and designers to play with the colors. You can even have swirled colors with a debossed rubber bracelet.
  3. Printed – this is the normal kind of bracelet where the logo or message is simply printed onto the rubber surface. This is a very affordable option if you are going to be ordering hundreds of them for students or for a social event like a march for cancer awareness.

Glow in the Dark – yes, there are awareness rubber bracelets that can glow in the dark. They can have printed messages on them or they can just be a plain color much like the yellow bracelet of Lance Armstrong. If you are going for cancer awareness or a similar event that could go on through the night then glow in the dark awareness rubber bracelets are the perfect choice.