How Cancer Awareness Bracelets Help Fight Against the Threats of Cancer

Cancer awareness bracelets were first promoted by Lance Armstrong who was the 7 times world Tour De France cycling champion. He had testicular cancer and was able to fight it off. This kept him off the cycling track for several years. To raise the awareness of people against testicular cancer, he partnered with Nike and launched the yellow silicone wristbands. This was an entirely new concept and was welcomed by people. Within six months, he was able to collect $25.1 million for his Live Strong foundation that helped to spread the awareness against cancer in 2004. Incredibly these bracelets were priced at $1. Many celebrities such as Oprah also helped to make these cancer awareness bracelets famous.

How the bracelets have been used to spread awareness about cancer

Since then, the concept has been adopted for various other charitable and cancer awareness campaigns as well. Silicone wristbands were chosen, since they are relatively inexpensive to produce, they can be made in any color, engraving, embossing and other personal messages can be added to the bracelets, they are non allergic, they have a smooth texture and retain their shape without any problems. This makes them apt for many versatile uses and can be worn by people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The yellow silicone cancer awareness bracelets were used to spread cancer awareness against testicular cancer. Other colors are significantly used for cancer awareness bracelets. Pink cancer awareness bracelets are used for spreading awareness against breast cancer. Early detection can help millions of women around the world to fight this disease. Other colored bands denote various other social causes.

Various types of engraving is also done

Both embossed and debossed lettering and engraving provide for eye catching slogans on the cancer awareness bracelets, while silk screen printing can be printed directly on the bracelet surface. Since the bracelets became the rage and cult phenomena, many cheap imitations are also available in the market as well. But these bands should be made of 100% medical grade silicone to provide strength, durability and visibility for the campaigns.

The cancer awareness bracelets have also become fashion accessories and have been sported by those that have seen their near and dear ones succumb to cancer as well as those that have also survived the cancer.