Livestrong: The Marketability of Cancer Awareness Bracelets

These days, there are a lot of ways to get the public’s attention. With all the concerns that people may have, its only proper that they think of ways to make everyone aware of what is happening. Whether it is something in the line of global warming, or some disease like Aids for that matter, there will be good reasons for supporting such causes.

The media for one is definitely a good way of telling people that there is a need for concern on certain issues. But the costs for making even a 30-second infomercial are quite expensive. Plus, its not as telling as when you put a certain concern across your chest, or in this case, your arm. Cancer awareness has been one of the main causes of using another method of branching out peoples concern. Rubber cancer bracelets are a good way of showing that there is a need to be concerned about this terrible disease. As you may well know, cancer is one of the biggest killers in the western world, so it is only natural that people take a stand against this disease.

Rubber bracelets are the perfect fit when trying to voice out any concern. They are easy to wear, very fashionable and do not come with a very high price tag. As a matter of fact, you can buy cancer awareness bracelets in bundle without even costing as much as a fraction or a jewelry piece. When trying to start a cause, it should be noted that the rubber cancer bracelets you get are made from silicone. This material is quite as elastic as other kinds of rubber, but is sturdier compared to others.

A great sign of the success that rubber cancer bracelets have brought to causes is Livestrong, a cancer awareness brand spearheaded by Lance Armstrong. The multiple-time Tour de France winner was once a cancer patient himself, but showed the determination to get better and come back to the great sporting status that he once had. And now, he serves as the biggest endorser and inspiration through his Livestrong campaign.

For every sold colored rubber bracelets by the foundation, a cancer patient will get to live for another day. Every amount of money will be used on medicine, facilities and other relevant tools needed for curing cancer patients that do not have enough money for the treatments themselves. Its a great cause that has sold over 70 million bracelets worldwide, further elaborating on the marketability of these rubber bracelets.