Message Bracelets for All Occasions

Message bracelets are inspiring ways to say what you really mean. These may be available in many kinds like rubber, plastic, beaded or even in fine jewelry. Message bracelets may be made of rubber and used to advertise a brand or a cause. These bracelets may contain a name of a person you admire or even a personal quote that inspires you. There are so many ways a message bracelet may look like. Let us explore the possibilities with this type of jewelry and in what ways are they used:

1.      As a personal token – bracelets may be made of beaded letters that spell out your name or nickname and may also spell out your family name. You may even pick out the type beads to use and the color motif you want as a design. Some gold plated or sterling silver bracelets may have the name engraved for a personal touch.

2.      As a unique gift – message bracelets may be given as a birthday gift or anniversary gift with the name of your recipient engraved or in crystal beads. These are a perfect gift for people who like to appreciate gifts with the personal touch. These bracelets may also come in jewelry sets with matching earrings and necklace.

3.      As a marketing brand – message bracelets may have the name of a brand or the brand logo embossed on it. Rubber bracelets are often used for this type because you can buy this kind of bracelets by bulk for a discounted price. More and more companies have realized the capabilities of jewelry art advertising and are using it to market their products.

4.      As a fight for a cause – message bracelets are also a way to speak out your support for different causes. The most common bracelet is the awareness bracelet for certain diseases. You may be wearing one because you are a survivor of these life threatening diseases of you support a loved one or a family member in his fight for his disease. Proceeds of these types of message bracelets usually go to research and treatment of the disease and also funding for the organization’s efforts to educate the public about the disease.

5.      As an inspiring item – you might want a message bracelet with your favorite quote engraved on it. These bracelets come in sterling silver and gold with the words engraved directly on the band. Other bracelets have a special token dangling from it to symbolize a special event or moment that you want to remember forever.

6.      As a fan apparel – more and more sports team use message bracelets as fan apparel. Basketball teams, baseball and football teams have different logos and colors that they use in the bracelet design. These bracelets may be less expensive rubber ones to costly sterling silver types with the team logo as a charm.

Hundreds of message bracelets may be made to order online from different custom jewelry makers and fine jewelers through the Internet or you can even make one yourself.