Message Bracelets for Intimate Messages

Sending a special note to someone is a lot easier and can be sent in an exceptional way. Any message that you wanted to spread to thousands of people will no longer be kept to yourself and these messages can be in a form of simple jewelries that serves as a communication between you and other individuals. Thru message bracelets you can make a statement and communicate with other people easily.

There are so many advantages of message bracelets. First, these bracelets can be purchased in bulk and easy to manufacture. Inspirational messages, news and thoughtful quotes can be executed easily and you can save more thru using these bracelets. You can get your messages across by using personalized silicone bracelets with your personal messages on it. These are very popular among schools, churches and health programs. One advantage in using silicone bracelets is your advertisements can be heard everywhere non-invasively.

Message bracelets are used for awareness regarding health programs, society issues and public movements. Very common nowadays are awareness regarding breast cancer, women’s rights, environmental issues and epidemics like earthquake and typhoon. During some programs and events, these bracelets are distributed freely or being sold. It shows that people wearing these simple pieces demonstrate concern for a cause and a sort of encouragement to affected individuals. Emotions with others and sentiments can be expressed to affected individuals by wearing these.

Your intimate messages can be debossed, engraved, embossed or even imprinted on these simple jewelries. Individual pieces can be bought for your friends or relatives with your unique quotes on it. Some married couples also give this to each other wherein their unique messages are printed on it especially during anniversaries or other special events. This can be made of gold or silver. These bracelets can be one of the special yet low cost gifts for your loved ones and can serve as family heirloom which can be passed on to many generations. Your feelings can be greatly expressed thru these bracelets. There are some manufacturers that offer brochures that will provide you their customized products. Included are the font to be used, the message you like, the color of text and the size of fonts. But messages must only fill-up the available space on the bracelet itself.

These message bracelets are priced base on style and model that you prefer. For $0.50 to $4.50, simple neoprene, slap-on designs, rubber and silicone can cost. If you want to use precious metals like silver, gold, titanium, copper and platinum, these will cost at around $80 to $800. The message you want to have imprinted will also add to cost. Many dealers have given price for every 8 to 10 characters or for every line. If you want any additional character, there is an additional cost too. It is best to choose smaller fonts to shorten the message.

There are manufacturers that include small bags for packaging for these message bracelets. It is best to buy in bulk because dealers have special price to offer that includes discounts. Buying in bulk does not mean you can no longer personalize your bracelets, you can still choose what colors you want for your bracelets and what message you want it to bear. Silicone rubber message bracelets are always the most inexpensive.