Raising Money for Research using Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Cancer awareness bracelets are purchased by people every day. If cancer research is close to your heart, then you can easily host a fundraiser using these fashion accessories as one of the main products you sell. You can host your fundraiser at school, through another charitable organization, or through your business office using these custom bracelets.


Cancer awareness bracelets are typically pink for breast cancer, yellow for childhood cancer, and lavender for general cancer awareness. There are also many other colors that are used for specific types of cancers, so if you are supporting research for one main type then you can customize your colors to represent the research you are funding. Men and women from around the world recognize these colors as cancer awareness symbols.

If you are using the cancer awareness bracelets for a fundraiser then you may want to buy silicone bracelets in both child and adult sizes. Most families who support cancer funding will purchase a bracelet for every member of their family, especially when one person within the family had been through cancer treatment. You may also customize the words on the bracelet, as well, so that everyone knows that your foundation or fundraiser is working to support cancer research.


Cancer awareness bracelets made from rubber silicon are very inexpensive. If your foundation wants to raise money, but simply doesn’t have a lot to invest in products to sell then rubber bracelets are a great choice. Nearly everyone loves these fashionable accessories, and almost all teens wear them as a daily addition to their wardrobe.

You can easily purchase enough bracelets to provide your cancer research team of choice with a nice fund for continuing their work to find a cure, and to provide hope for cancer survivors and patients everywhere.