Rubber Bracelets – Where Awareness and Fashion Meet

Rubber bracelets significantly originated with the Live Strong bracelets becoming popular in 2004. They came for charitable purposes, to raise awareness against cancer. Many youngsters were seen flaunting these bracelets on their wrists. This became a strong style statement, at the same time it showed that they were aware of what was going wrong with the world. They don’t care about meaningless fashion. There is a message that comes out of their get up.

Types of Rubber Bracelets

These rubber bracelets come in several colors. They are mainly bright colors. This is deliberately made so that they don’t go unnoticed. The popular colors are yellow, pink, striped designs, blue, white etc. They symbolize causes for which they stand. They stand for certain sensitive causes.

How Did The Rubber Bracelet Gain Popularity?

The rubber bracelets became popular with the Live Strong bracelets. The story behind these bracelets is that Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25. But instead of surrendering to the disease, he bravely fought it and successfully defeated it.

So this stands as an example before all those who are victimized with this malignant disease. The funds that were collected by selling these bracelets were used in research work on cancer.

Social worker and TV personality Opera Winfrey called Armstrong on her talk show and on this event, distributed these Live Strong bands for free. This made these bands even more popular.

Different bracelets of different colors stand for different causes. For example, pink colored rubber bracelets stand for breast cancer. White and blue colored bracelets were for relief operations to the tsunami victims.

Rubber Bracelets Serve As Fund Raising Products

The most popular and effective method of fund raising is through rubber bracelets. Many international / national organizations are following this method of fund raising. This is followed even by local groups who are planning to collect money for the purpose of charity.

This is a cost effective method and does not require expensive expenditure. The rubber bracelets are easy and inexpensive to produce. If you market them well, you can sell them for very high prices. This will be very effective in raising more and more money. These rubber bracelets have mass recognition. The youth use them as a fashion accessory, too. They can sell like hot cakes, if marketed well.

You can customize these bracelets to fit any purpose. You can put catchy logos on these bracelets to attract customers. These have to be short and precise. In spite of this, these logos must be powerful enough to get your message through. Rubber bracelets are all about style and awareness.

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