Show Your Support with Rubber Awareness Bracelets

Rubber awareness bracelets are now the most popular means by which people can show their support for a particular cause, political affirmation, allegiance to a group or indicate that they are taking part in an event. These bracelets first hit the limelight in 2004 and were used by Livestrong to raise awareness for cancer funding and research, and they remain popular to this day.

Symbols for a Cause

Silicone rubber bracelets became an instant hit with athletes and soon the general public as well. Although these were initially known for raising cancer awareness, they’ve also become a general symbol or icon to show support for a specific cause. What makes these bracelets so effective is their efficiency in reaching a large segment of the public, not to mention the fact you can purchase a large volume at a low price.

Because they’re so inexpensive and customizable it’s hardly surprising these items are so popular in fundraising events. These bands are not just a hit with organizers, but with manufacturers too. After all, silicone rubber bracelets cost only a few cents to create and they can be sold for a dollar, a price which can still earn you a profit.

Bracelets are Trendy Too

Wearing one of these bracelets is not only a means for showing your support, but it’s also a trendy accessory, popular with kids and adults alike. Wearing rubber awareness bracelets makes you feel like you are part of a group and helping make a difference. At the same time, these bracelets are available in different styles so they don’t look too bad either. The rubber bands are sold in a variety of colors and they’re also customizable. In addition, bands can be designed in different ways, so they’re low key at the same time a constant presence. When someone asks you why you are wearing those wristbands you can seize that opportunity to enlighten them about the cause you’re supporting.

Using Bracelets or Bands for a Cause

It isn’t just in the colors that the bracelets differ though, as an assortment of styles are now available such as silk screened, painted and embossed. If you’re organizing an event and plan to use them to show your support for a particular cause, have your bands custom designed so they look unique.

Also keep in mind that wristbands are made from different materials, but the best ones are those made of silicone as they don’t get out of shape or snap off with repeated use. If you’re going to buy some bracelets, remember that real silicone is extremely flexible. If you can stretch the band repeatedly and it doesn’t snap, it’s probably the real thing.

Now if you’re the event organizer don’t settle for anything less than silicone so the bands you give away don’t break off easily. If you’re going to order rubber awareness bracelets remember that you can have full control over the design. You can just order them “blank” so to speak and add the logo or message, so the ones you give out have a distinct appearance.