Spreading Awareness through Rubber Awareness Bracelets

The first time rubber bracelets were used for a cause was in 2004 when the Lance Armstrong Foundation sold yellow rubber awareness bracelets to raise funds for cancer research. The amount of money raised through that campaign reached millions of dollars. The success was simply overwhelming because many people took part in the campaign. Most of them knew someone battling cancer and even those who didn’t know anyone who has cancer also helped.


Cost-effective Campaign

Rubber awareness bracelets are very cheap. Suppliers sell them at around 2 dollars each and those ordering in big volume can get bigger discounts. Most buyers order customized rubber bracelets for their organizations and awareness drives. Rubber bracelet makers have responded to this increasing need for awareness wristbands and now it is easy to look for companies that offer these products.


Because of the low price of the materials, many charity and social service organizations prefer them over other promotional items. Rubber is much preferred to silver or steel when it comes to making statement or campaign arm bands or badges. After all, the objective is to send a message, not to make a fashion statement.


One can show support for cancer, AIDS awareness, internet freedom, or disaster response by simply wearing corresponding rubber awareness bracelets. All the other alternatives are more expensive. Examples are wearing customized shirts or carrying streamers. The inexpensive option is applicable whether one is taking the drive to the streets or just sending a message quietly while going to work.


Commercial Purposes

Aside from humanitarian and charity purposes, rubber bracelets can also be used in promoting a business. New stores may give away free rubber wristbands to early customers. Some major stores have also been reported to distribute rubber bracelets during special events and occasions to inspire consumer involvement. This is a strategy to keep the interest of consumers. Many people don’t mind wearing silicone or rubber thingies around their wrists anyway.


On the other hand, many major stores and companies are also involved in spreading awareness drives. In fact, they are instrumental to the success of campaigns because of their large consumer base. Many organizations looking to spread awareness movement or fundraising activity seek the sponsorship of big corporations and major stores. Shoppers may then find rubber awareness bracelets displayed at the counters. This is a clever, yet somewhat traditional, way of making average citizens involved.


Getting Creative with Campaign Bracelets

For promotional bracelet manufacturers the small size of rubber bangles presents a challenge in coming up with a unique design. Silicone rubber bracelets can only come in limited colors, and by now all the colors may have been used. The challenge is on the design, which should be agreed upon by both the buyer and the maker.


Another challenge is to come up with a campaign word to be embossed or marked on the bracelet. That single word or phrase should be powerful enough to encapsulate what the campaign is about, lest people will get confused.


Campaign managers should be clever when coming up with rubber awareness bracelets. Think of including a tag that says a bit about the crusade or movement. This way, people buying them will know what exactly they are supporting.