Rubber Awareness Wristbands – Significance of Colors

It was in 2004 that champion road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong sported rubber awareness wristbands for the first time for his cancer foundation. Soon enough, the trend caught on and charitable organizations spotted a great awareness-building opportunity in these small, stylish and low-cost accessories. It became fashionable to wear these bands, and even business houses began to use them for promotional purposes. If you are intending to use them for charity awareness programs, keep in mind that each color has a special significance.

Yellow Wristbands

It is the first and perhaps the best-known color used in rubber awareness wristbands. Bright Yellow colored bands were sported by Lance, who was himself a cancer survivor. He used the band to spread awareness about cancer research and raise funds for the same issue. The “Livestrong” bands are used even today for cancer, and have raised millions for the cause. These bands can be purchased from the official Live Strong website to show support for cancer.

Pink Wristbands

The color of the Avon Breast Cancer wristband is pink, and it is the same color that can be seen on the bands sported by thousands of women suffering and having survived from cancer. These colorful rubber awareness wristbands were distributed for free to runner by Avon and the gesture managed to spread the message very quickly among many people. These can be bought from the official website of Avon.

Red Wristbands

Red is the color of love and passion, and although you can find many love birds wearing red wristbands, the color is also synonymous with various charitable causes – such as drug-free living, diabetes, heart disease and AIDS. Red bands used for AIDS are quite popular and can be seen on the wrists of thousands of men and women in public places on World Aids Day, which is observed every year on December 1. They can also be seen to sport them on every November 14, which is considered to be World Diabetes Day.

Blue Wristbands

Blue rubber awareness wristbands are used for showing support for cystic fibrosis patients. Bands of the same color are also used for supporting various other causes, such as child abuse prevention and domestic violence prevention.

Orange Wristbands

Bands of this color are used for showing support to a wide variety of causes, such as self-injury, lupus, Asperger’s Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis. These types of wristbands have also been released by the American Cancer Society, which are inscribed with the words “Live free Smoke free”. Such bands are meant to show support for anti-smoking drive.

Green Wristbands

This is the color of choice for people who wish to gather support for activities geared for environmental conservation. Wristbands of green color are used for organ donation and support for cancer, other than spreading awareness about protecting nature.

Purple Wristbands

It is used to show support for victims of 9/11(including police and firefighters). You can also find purple wristbands being used for supporting Alzheimer ’s disease sufferers, printed with the words “Mind Strong”. These are not to be confused with pink bands, which are used for breast cancer awareness.