Awareness Bracelets: A Forum Where Awareness and Fashion Come Together

Awareness bracelets are wristbands made of silicone. They are used as a symbol of awareness and are distributed to promote awareness for several causes. They come in a variety of colors. They are bright enough to attract people’s attention.

The Origin of Awareness Bracelets

Awareness bracelets started becoming popular in the year 2004. An organization called Lance Armstrong Foundation stated the trend of awareness bracelets. These bracelets were yellow silicone bracelets and they spread awareness against breast cancer and support the researches conducted on breast cancer.

This trend was carried forward and adopted as a tool to spread awareness for many other campaigns. Silicone bracelets were used to promote causes like ‘Make Poverty History’, BBC’s ‘Beat Bullying’ campaign.

This trend has not died down. Silicone bracelets are used by many organizations/ charities to promote several social causes for the betterment of the society. This has taken a universal dimension. International organizations as well as national ones and even local clubs use silicone awareness bracelets.

Awareness Bracelets and Fund Raising

Awareness bracelets are also used for the purpose of raising funds for many different causes. This has grown as an extremely popular trend. Many schools follow this in order to raise funds for sports. The names of teams are written on these silicone bracelets. The costs incurred for the purpose of training are raised by selling these bracelets.

Schools, churches sometimes use this method to raise funds in this way to support transport expenses and expedition expenses. They also purchase items that are needed in churches. Some groups raise money by selling silicone awareness bracelets to take part in various competitions that are held at the state level or for that matter, even in the national level.

Not just breast cancer, these bracelets are used to raise funds for many other malignant diseases. Nonprofit organizations or charities even use them to promote awareness against multiple sclerosis, AIDS, diabetes. Animal rights organizations also motivate people against the cruelty and unjust treatment done upon animals with the help of these bracelets.

These silicone bracelets are medium sized and are flexible. These are the most affordable tokens that can be distributed for fund raising purposes. It is highly unprofitable to distribute tokens that are expensive by themselves. The purpose will be lost in that case. However, the silicone awareness bracelets at school and church levels are sold at extremely affordable prices.