Awareness Bracelets: Get the Message Out

Have you seen people wearing those colorful rubber bracelets? They are made of silicone rubber, come in various colors, and will usually have some sort of phrase or symbol on it. The young seem to love them and they can be seen on adult’s wrists as well.

It all started with Lance Armstrong. After being treated for cancer he decided to create a foundation to support cancer research. In an effort to attract attention and financial resources he developed the yellow rubber bracelets with LiveStrong embossed on the rubber band. Eventually that color and phrase became a symbol of showing support for cancer research. The yellow rubber bracelets made people “aware” of the problem and helped to gain more supporters. Eventually, other groups and organizations began using the colorful bracelets to promote their cause and achieve greater public “awareness” for their campaign.

Today, just about every charity is utilizing the rubber bracelets to gain support for their health issue. We started seeing pink bracelets for breast cancer, red for AIDS, light blue for prostate cancer, and gray for diabetes. And those colors are just a few examples. Just about every color of the rainbow is being used. Additionally, some of the colors will be used for more than one disease, so the phrase on the bracelet became just as important as the color.

Disease issues are not the only purpose for awareness bracelets. Many of those same colors are now being used for social and environmental awareness. We are now seeing other color meanings, such as; black and white for anti-racism, green for the ecology or Save the Earth, camouflage or yellow for support of the troops, white for right to life or free speech, and the list goes on. And generally all will have an appropriate phrase or symbol to make sure people know what they are supporting.

There two common ways the awareness bracelets are distributed. Very often they are given away to all supporters so that they will wear and display them to everyone and thus make others aware of their issue. Another option is to use the awareness bracelet as a fundraising tool. When used for fund raising the rubber bracelets are sold and all profits will go to the charity or organization. Either way, people are going to notice those colorful rubber bands people are wearing, and in the end planting that seed of awareness.

Finally, the best feature of the rubber bracelets is their low cost of production. Silicone rubber is not expensive and the rubber bracelets can be easily created to match your specifications. And most manufacturers will give larger discounts to larger orders giving the fundraising group a wider profit margin.

So it’s easy to see why the awareness bracelets have become so popular. Nowadays it is quite easy to order colored rubber bracelets online, making it an easy step to getting your awareness campaign on the right track.