Cancer Awareness Bracelets with a Purpose

There are many ways to promote different issues of the world. If we take a look at our world today, we see different communities, organizations, and individuals looking for a chance to heal cancer. How are we ever going to find a cure for cancer if the researchers don’t have the funding to continue their pursuit? One of the simplest ways to broaden the support and understanding of cancer, and help in fundraising for patients and research are through awareness bracelets, i.e. cancer awareness bracelets. Bracelets because it can be worn by anyone at all, not matter their gender. The most significant feature of these awareness bracelets is that they are cheap, yet very helpful.

While there has been wide speculation as to the spread of occurrences of cancer, there is no answers to what the cause may be, thus making it very difficult for us to find a cure. Physicians say that it is a depressing factor that cancer is becoming more epidemic to a level where it is still unknown to human kind as to how the spread and cause of cancer still can’t be controlled.

Even though time will take to bring a complete halt to this epidemic, we can still strive to provide information and knowledge through the simple means of wearing cancer awareness bracelets. These bracelets can be pretty helpful because the can be obtained in bulk and can be sent to people through various means. High profile celebrities can have a huge impact in encouraging the peoples’ support. Celebrities like Lance Armstrong, Sheryl crow, Christina Applegate have all undergone cancer treatments and thus with their help during cancer campaigns can promote cancer awareness bracelets. From rubber bracelets to silicone bracelets, precious metal bracelets to beaded bracelets, cancer awareness bracelets have come to the point wherein millions of people are embracing it everyday. The different colors the awareness bracelets use will signify different types of cancer such as, yellow which is commonly linked to Armstrong’s foundation and pink rubber bracelets representing breast cancer. There are other colors such as blue, orange used for other cancers. It not only helps the patients but motivates the family members as well with bracelets like ‘Be Strong’ ‘Fear Nothing’ etc.

With the above mentioned points we do come to the conclusion that cancer awareness bracelets can play a significant role not only for the cancer patients but also for the whole human kind of this world.