Charity Bracelet Uses

For years you have seen bracelets to be used as fashion accessory and you never knew something like this existed. It is a new concept in all the possible ways of the word. You find athletes, celebs and even politicians wearing one to support a cause.

But what are they actually are is the big question? These bracelets are something that support a cause and can be used for charity. They were first introduced by Lance Armstrong Foundation which supports the awareness of cancer and cancer education. The color of these charity bracelets is yellow which matches the color of Lance Armstrong’s jersey as a bicycle race leader. It has a message embossed on it which reads as “LiveStrong”.

The charity bracelet is used to support just about any cause. These bracelets come in different colors which stand for many different causes. For example, the blue color anti-Bush vote and prostate cancer, pink for breast cancer, purple for cystic fibrosis, black and white for anti-racism which are very prevalent in the U.K. and green color that usually stands for ecological causes. So you see there are a lot of causes to support as a charity.

These charity bracelets then become the medium of raising funds for a charitable organization. It was heard that the yellow silicone bracelets that were sold by the Lance Armstrong Foundation sold 32 million of these bracelets in the year 2005 alone! This makes it evident that it can be a sure-fire fund raiser. These bracelets have more than one reason to be sold in the market like hot cakes. They are reasonable, skin friendly and can be worn by all.

Well the charity bracelet can be worn by people from any caste, creed and gender. The most important fact about these bracelets is that they bring the world together with a single rubber band. The reasoning behind all of this is that people across the world are willing to support a cause, and when they get a chance by simply buying charity bracelets they go for it all the more.