Message Bracelets to Create Awareness

Message bracelets that are made of silicone have become extremely fashionable. They are now being used by business and non profitable organizations for spreading the message. The message bracelets were first made popular when the cycling champion, Lance Armstrong popularized the yellow silicone wristbands. These helped to raise the awareness against testicular cancer.

The message bracelets can be embossed with lettering, symbols, or the customized message is imprinted in such a way, that it is slightly raised than the surface of the bracelet. The embossing can be felt when you run a finger on the entire message bracelets. Where the embossing is not done, the bracelet will be extremely smooth in texture.

When the message bracelets are debossed with the message, colored ink is added to make the message stand out. Those that wish to print intricate messages and logos can also get the message screen printed on the wristbands itself.

The message bracelets are made of 100% medical grade quality silicone. Any other type of rubber wristbands or other materials are not as durable and strong as the silicone bracelets.

Silicone rubber bracelets are extremely inexpensive and have many special qualities that aren’t exhibited by other materials. For example, silicone is non sticky and repels water, it doesn’t change shape, when it is exposed to heat. It can also be customized in any color and can be molded in any shape and size. Since it is non allergic, it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t react with the skin.

There are a number of cheap custom made bracelets that are also available in the market; however, they aren’t as versatile or durable as the message bracelets that are made of silicone rubber.

The message bracelets are used for a variety of events, concerts and promotional events. They are specifically used for promoting businesses and are also used for spreading awareness about diseases such as cancer, Parkinson diseases, AIDS and other causes such as animal welfare, child welfare, women’s causes and many more. More recently the bands were also used by the organization that helped the tsunami victims as well.

The concept of using these message bracelets was first conceived by Lance Armstrong who was 7 times cycling champion. When he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he fought against the disease and was able to finally get rid of the disease. To spread awareness about the cancer problem, he devised the yellow “Live strong” bands.