Message Bracelets: History and Uses

Message bracelets are a great way for anyone to show affinity to certain causes, which in turn would increase awareness in those who would be unaware of what these bracelets might represent. More known to people as awareness bracelets, they come in a variety of colors, each to represent certain causes in a way that is both visible and discreet.

History of Message Bracelets

Famed Cyclist Lance Armstrong popularized colored rubber bracelets in 2004, when the Lance Armstrong Foundation came up with the Livestrong wristband. The bracelet, which was in yellow silicone, was created to raise and offer support for research on the cure against cancer. The effectiveness of the campaign encouraged other charities and organizations to bring out their own custom made bracelets, since they were very affordable to mass produce and easy to design. Thus the popularity of message bracelets came into the picture.

Fighting for Different Causes

The different colors that each bracelet represents might stand for a specific cause or two. As cancer is often the most symbolized among these bracelets, there are a number of colors you can choose from. Breast Cancer awareness would be represented by pink bracelets. Other versions include grey for Brain Cancer and Blue for Colon Cancer. Lavender is often used to represent rare forms of cancer. Other used specific colors, like Green arm bands for kidney donation, and red awareness bracelets for the fight against HIV.

Message Bracelets Now

You can still find a great number of these awareness bracelets today for different causes and even promotion of certain products. The main point of wearing one is necessarily to show solidarity to the other people who genuinely fight for or represent your cause, which is saying much even with a simple representation of a rubber or gel band around your wrists.

It has become a fashionable accessory as well when it came out prompting a lot of people to buy bracelets. As the production of these bracelets do not necessarily entail one to break the bank, manufacturers have come up with a great number of rubber bracelets in numerous colors and designs. As the material used for these bracelets lend to an easy play in colors and styles, they make for a great fashion statement, cause notwithstanding. These cheap rubber bracelets are available basically everywhere, and can work best with people who desire to accessorize themselves with a simple band or two in their arms.