Rubber Bracelets: Effective Tools for Promotions and Fundraising Activities

The popularity of rubber bracelets began in 2004 during the promotion of Lance Armstrong’s attempt to bring together all cancer-stricken patients and unite them in one organization that will give them support and encouragement. The motto of this fundraising event is LiveStrong, which has been written in every yellow rubber bracelet that was sold for $1 each. The money collected was invested in cancer research and in support of the many cancer awareness activities that were launched in the many parts of the country and of the world. Up to this day, the yellow awareness rubber bracelets are still sold for the continuous assistance in the promotion of good health and the prevention of cancer.

Such is how the customized rubber bracelets came about. These rubber bracelets are now popular items for promotions and fundraising activities. They are attractive means to catch the attention of other people.

The rubber bracelets for a cause come in different colors and with different messages. Each one is made to fit to both men and women. Each color represents the particular cause that an organization or an entity promotes. Breast cancer awareness bands, for instance, com in pink color, and the patriotic ones have the colors of red, white, and blue. Some are even adding their logos along with the lines that they attach to the personalized rubber bracelets. The new breed of silicone rubber bracelets even come in fluorescent colors that glow in the dark.

Nowadays, these rubber bracelets come in various designs. Unlike before,  they are not restricted anymore to support particular causes. They have become a fashion statement for the young ones as they incorporate other messages in their silicone bands, such as funny quotes and their favorite anime and cartoon characters. Others even use them as a couple’s bracelets. Also, you can see them in several events, like in marathons, auctions, and marches. Each of the silicone bracelets worn by the participants would mean support for the beliefs and advocacy of the organizers.

As the years have passed since LiveStrong, rubber bracelets have evolved to great extents. Their uses have expanded and they have been reaching all corners of the world. However, even though they have advanced, the main purpose of these silicone rubber bracelets has remained the same: to promote awareness and to help raise funds for the many humanitarian causes that are helping those that needed aid and assistance. Silicone rubber bracelets still remain as an effective way to endorse certain ideals and aspirations.