Rubber Bracelets Have Become Funky Fashion Accessories

The popular rubber bracelets also known as silicone awareness bracelets are used for representing extremely serious issues as well as fun issues. These rubber bracelets are quite a hit with the teens and the young people. Funky rubber bracelets are used as a part of the fashion accessory.

On a more serious note, the rubber bracelets are also used for representing social and medical causes also. The bracelet was first made popular when the great cyclist superhero Lance Armstrong wore the yellow wristbands to create awareness against testicular cancer. Being a survivor of cancer, who had fought cancer successfully, he wanted to create awareness against the problem was able to collect $25.1 million for the awareness of cancer and how it can affect people. Many of those that helped to further the cause were also survivors of cancer. Many celebrities also helped to further the cause, when these bracelets were worn by them.

Various types of rubber bracelets and usage

There are several types of such rubber bracelets that are being used. The silicone bracelets that are used for controlling the crowd are usually made of a single color. These bracelets are extensively used in concerts, conventions, clubs, discotheques and others such places, where there are likely to be many people.

Many glow-in-the-dark varieties of rubber bands are popular, especially for nightclubs and theme parties. There are glitter rubber bands that are also available that truly shine in the dark also. If you want, these bracelets can even be engraved, fragrance filled, come in various shapes such as twisted, intertwined, spiral, round, oval and such.

Many couples have also used it as a wedding favor and getting their names engraved on the rubber bands. Even cartoon, funky symbols and superhero characters can be etched on the rubber bracelets also. Sometimes silver and beads can also be added as an option to make them look very ethnic.

Types of printing for the rubber bracelet

The printing that is done on the rubber bracelets can be embossed, silk screened, debossed, and handmade, metallic features can be inserted and other such creative options can also be used. Using such varied metals, the silicone bracelets or the rubber bracelet have actually acquired a cult status.

If you want to order custom rubber bracelets according to your needs and requirements, then there are plenty of online websites that can achieve this for you. Some may even ship the bracelets free of cost.

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