Rubber Bracelets in Every Color

There are hundreds of colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a rubber bracelet. This fashion accessory has been around not just for fashion but also to get a certain message across. Rubber bracelets have made their mark in advertising and in the advocacy of a certain cause. Here are some possible ways you can get a rubber bracelet and be proud to wear it at the same time:

1.      You can get a rubber bracelet when you support a cause. Find an organization close to your heart. If you like nature then you can purchase a rubber bracelet from a conservation group or an organization that help save whales or protect endangered species. Proceeds of the bracelets will go to the organization’s research and rescue efforts.

You may also support a cause too research and find the cure of a specific disease like HIV or breast cancer. If you have a relative or a friend that is suffering from a specific illness you can support them by wearing a colored rubber bracelet that represents their illness. These are the most common colors; red for AIDS, pink for breast cancer and yellow for children’s cancer research. Again, the money earned from the sale of awareness items are donated to organizations that do research and find cure for specific illnesses. Awareness bracelets are not just made of rubber but they can be made of fine crystals, beads, ribbons or even sterling silver and gold.

2.      You can get a rubber bracelet when you purchase a sports apparel. A famous brand of sporting apparel gives out a free rubber bracelet when you purchase shoes, clothes and accessories from their store. Some clothing company sells branded bracelets apart from their clothing line. Even health products like supplements and multivitamins give free rubber bracelets with a minimum purchase of their products.

3.      You can get a rubber bracelet when you are a fan of a certain sports team. Basketball and baseball fans are in for a treat when they receive freebies during a game and maybe more freebies in a championship game. Aside from rubber bracelets, they are also given free t- shirts, caps and pins as fan apparel. You can also purchase your bracelet in team stores or souvenir shops.

4.      You can get a rubber bracelet if you join political campaigns or rallies. Wait for election season and campaign for your favorite candidate. They will give you bracelets and other campaign paraphernalia to advertise their political candidate.

5.      You can get a rubber bracelet if you join a school or community group. School groups or clubs may have their members wear a membership rubber bracelet with the club name or logo embossed on it. Community groups that are organized for crime watching or community cleanup may give you a bracelet as a token of your volunteer efforts.

You can get a rubber bracelet if you buy one for yourself. You may find shops that personalize bracelets for everyday use. Have your name or nickname or maybe your partner’s name on the bracelet. Have a fun time collecting every color possible!