Rubber Bracelets: Why use them?

What can rubber bracelets be used for? Well, quite frankly, the list of different uses for them is endless. They are made of silicone rubber and can be molded in any color, and text or symbols can be added to the rubber band. The intended use of the rubber bracelet will determine the color and text used. The bracelet can be customized for personal uses, or developed to be used with charity campaigns or even company branding schemes. Remember the yellow LiveStrong bracelets that Lance Armstrong made popular some years back.

Made in fun and attractive colors, the rubber bracelets are appealing and inviting to wear.  For some, the bracelet will come with special significance or meaning. Just like the yellow rubber bracelets represented strength to testicular cancer patients, so do many of the other bracelets have their own importance. However, these same bracelets are used for more practical applications as well, such as; event ticketing, party favors, or brand promotions.

Currently, it is possible to custom order these rubber bracelets with many options allowing great flexibility. The various options you have complete control of are: color(s), size, text, symbol, print styling, embossing, and debossing. Most manufacturers will be open to other special order to fit any special needs. The silicone rubber is very inexpensive and easily molded into various shapes and colors, so the cost of production is low, transferring the saving to the purchaser.

Need to raise money or promote a brand? This is exactly where the rubber bracelets come in. Suppose you are fundraising and wish to sell a product that is fun, low-cost, popular, and can be customized to fit your group’s identity. A rubber bracelet sold for a dollar or two, can bring in 50% to 75% profit. Buying larger quantities will always save you money, so keep that into consideration while ordering; give yourself the best deal possible. The low cost of the rubber bracelets allows them to be simply given away. Handing out a custom rubber bracelet with your logo and branding, is a popular way to advertise.

I bet you can think of many other uses for rubber bracelets. It will help if you keep this thought in mind; just about everyone enjoys wearing the colorful rubber bracelets, so it doesn’t take much encouragement to get people to slip them on their wrists. Maybe it’s time to order rubber bracelets.