Silicone Bracelet Uses

A silicone bracelet is used for many things. You can use this to make a statement about your feelings or allegiances. These bracelets say a lot of things about different things that we will slowly discuss in a while. You may also use them just to have fun and nothing more than that. But what can be said is that it is a way to voice your concerns and passions.

These rubber wristbands were introduced by Lance Armstrong Foundation. This organization supports the cause of cancer awareness and education. The color of these bands is yellow which is same the color of Lance Armstrong’s jersey while leading the Tour de France. On the bracelet is a message embossed on it saying “LiveStrong”.

Likewise these silicone bracelets of varying colors stand for different causes such as Green living which stand for the earth’s ecology, purple for Cystic Fibrosis, black and white for anti-racism which are very prevalent in the U.K., and blue for tsunami relief, anti Bush vote and prostate cancer. All these stand for different causes and these bracelets also have messages printed or molded onto them which make the causes clear to others.

Additionally, these bracelets are very handy when you want to raise funds as well. They are reasonably priced and can be worn by people of any age. This makes them a popular way to raise funds for a charitable cause. In 2005 Lance Armstrong Foundation sold some 32 million of these bracelets alone in that year!

Apart from this what you can do is create a bracelet for yourself. Yes customize it with your own creativity. You may design it for your beloved kids or even friends, and make a statement or simply pass it on for fun. These are a few ways to enjoy using silicone bracelets and become a designer!

These silicone bracelets could be worn by anyone. Yes they are not limited to any gender, religion or race and everyone is free to wear them. There is nothing more than that. In a way what can be said is that these bracelets support people among different communities and all parts of the world, and that is the best contribution of silicone bracelets.