Some Tips on Buying Rubber Bracelets

When you wish to buy the rubber bracelets, here are some tips that can help you get a great deal, when buying them online. Remember a lot of stores also stock these rubber bracelets, however if you want these bracelets as a bulk order, then you need to find them online.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow

  1. Remember the company that gives you the lowest bid may not always be the right company. Do some research and find out the companies that are reputable and have been making these bracelets for quite some time.
  1. Always ask for a sample. This will enable you to judge the quality of the silicone that is being used. The rubber bracelets should be made of 100% silicone and should not be made of other materials. Bracelets that are made of silicone and other substances are not as durable as silicone bracelets. Cheap imitations may be inexpensive but they won’t last for a long time and serve your purpose.
  1. Before you order the silicone rubber bracelets, collect information about the mold fees as well. Mold fees for the first lot of bracelets can have a cost, but most suppliers do not charge for this at all. For complex designs and special intricate logo designs there may be some additional costs, but when buying large quantities most manufacturers will not charge mold fees.
  1. The reputed and well established companies are able to handle a variety of specifications, in comparison to fledging companies. However enquire with specific companies, whether they are able to handle the specifications as required by you.
  1. Silicone wristbands that are also popularly known as rubber bracelets don’t change their shape. However some cheaper imitations can change their shape and become useless. Always check the sample for the shape as well.
  1. The wristbands should be flexible, smooth and shouldn’t be sticky at all. If they are sticky or have the wrong shape, then it is not worthwhile to buy the silicone bands. Part of the reason that the silicone bands are extremely popular is their versatility and ability to retain the same shape and texture even though they may be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  1. Check the shipping, handling and packaging charges for the silicone bracelets when you intend to place the order. Double check all the specifications before you give the final go ahead to the companies for manufacturing the rubber bracelets.