Great Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ideas for 2015

You may think that charity and research groups for breast cancer get more money that they could ever need, but the truth is, they don’t. This is why there are many breast cancer fundraising events and promotional products like rubber message bracelets to help finance charities as a way of helping people with breast cancer.

If you are hoping to raise money for the fight against breast cancer then here are a few ideas to get the money rolling in:

Organize a Marathon

This is perhaps the most expensive and most complicated way fundraiser idea but it can be done. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of breast cancer awareness marathons done everywhere in the country. The money received from participating runners and sponsors all go to charity for breast cancer treatment and research.

Marathons are big events and since the cause is a good one, you’ll find a lot of big companies and organizations ready to pitch in and donate. After all, they’ll look good for the public when they do so and it helps your cause as well.

Organize a Raffle

Before you read any further, make sure you check with local laws regarding raffle draws and what the restrictions and regulations are. When you’ve confirmed it can be legally done then proceed – you should, since raffle draws generate a lot of money.

You can either craft a 50/50 type of raffle event where 50% of the collected money goes to charity and the other 50% goes to the raffle winner, or you could offer a high-end prize like a car and then take all the remaining cash for breast cancer charity.

The latter is sure to generate more cash since the prize is more appealing but it also means you need enough participants to cover the cost for the prize and still hope there is cash left to go to charity. A good way to get around this is to offer multiple prizes, enticing more people to join since there are higher chances of winning something, even if it isn’t the grand prize.

Sell Promotional Items

You can’t expect to sell very expensive items but the smaller, more affordable promotional products are guaranteed to generate a lot of money. This is why baked goods are always commonly sold – hardly anyone can refuse a tasty cookie especially when the money goes to breast cancer charity.

Baked goods, calendars, shirts, and customized rubber message bracelets are some of the best choices. Phone and tablet cases are also pretty good since just about everyone will buy some sort of material to protect their gadget. Shirts are nice choices too especially since they spread the message quickly when worn to public places.

Rubber silicone bracelets with slogans or messages printed on them are very good choices since you can either sell them for low prices or give them as prizes or rewards to people who donate a lot of money to the fundraising event. Plus they are easily recognized so they are perfect for promotional purposes too.