Reasons to Wear Breast Cancer Bracelets

Breast cancer kills more women around the world than any other disease; so what more a reason is required to wear the breast cancer bracelets? The killing reason: Lack of knowledge amongst people and the shame in discussing such problems with an expert. Ignorance is killing and how!

Why Pink?

Pink was chosen the color of breast cancer awareness as an expression of the feminine gender. This was after yellow became the color of promoting cancer awareness in general. Millions of dollars is being generated from the sale of this pink breast cancer bracelet and the funds go into creating a better and knowledgeable society. Still paucity of funds in some countries, deprive women of their right to live. Therefore this is for them; this is a tribute to the woman.

The problem though is not entirely unavailability of proper treatment but late diagnosis. This makes it a killer disease, when actually it is not. Awareness is the only way to prevent such ignorance and deaths. It does not matter whether you had a family history or not, it does not matter whether you are too old or too young to contract breast cancer. About 20 percent of women affected with breast cancer are under the age of 50.

Share and Give

The good news is that you can choose custom message breast cancer bracelets and even get your own message embossed or engraved on it. Pink beaded bracelets are also available for those who want to spread the message with a sense of fashion. The sale of such bracelet has helped many, over a period of years. The color pink exudes an aura of positivity and gives strength that says, “Yes, we can!”

Faith, hope and determination are the most common words inscribed on a breast cancer bracelet. Organizations, such as the Cancer Research Foundation utilizes the revenue generated from the sale of such bracelets to delve deeper into the cause and bring out a painless but permanent solution.

Needless to say, the pink bracelet has been the most vocal and prominent tool of spreading the much needed awareness for the prevention of breast cancer. Give the women a life they deserve with the breast cancer bracelet.