Showing Support through Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Cancer is a serious matter that can change the life of not only the cancer patient, but also his or her friends and family. And as hard as times can get for the person suffering from cancer, showing support for them, even in the smallest of ways, can surely uplift their spirit.

And a great way to show support for your loved ones or for the cause is by wearing cancer awareness bracelets. And although these wristbands might be a small gesture, it greatly helps spread cancer awareness through the social context.

Cancer awareness bracelets first emerged in mainstream culture back in 2004, when the Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced the yellow Livestrong bracelets. This cancer awareness product was created to raise money for cancer research.

Now, these cancer awareness bracelets have become part of society to raise money and show support. These highly visible, inexpensive cancer awareness rubber bracelets can be worn by anyone, whether you are young or old, man or woman, with cancer or without. What matters most with the cancer awareness bracelets is that it shows your support and affiliation to an organization or a cause, which can easily spread cancer awareness like wildfire.

Typically, these cancer awareness bracelets, like that of, are made from strong, flexible, enduring silicone or rubber material. And since showing support is so important, cancer awareness bracelets are commonly non-allergenic and water resistant, making them comfortable to wear.

As for the color of cancer awareness bracelets, it varies depending on the type of cancer as different colors correspond to a certain type of cancer.

According to, the colors of the wristbands and the type of cancer they correspond to are:

  • Lavender or multicolored for all cancers
  • Amber for appendix cancer
  • Marigold, blue or purple for bladder cancer
  • Grey for brain cancer
  • Pink for breast cancer
  • Zebra stripe for carcinoid cancer
  • Teal or white for cervical cancer
  • Gold for childhood cancer
  • Dark blue for colon cancer
  • Periwinkle for esophageal cancer or stomach cancer
  • Kelly green for gallbladder or bile duct cancer
  • Burgundy or Ivory for head and neck cancer
  • Orange for kidney cancer or leukemia
  • Purple for leiomyosarcoma or pancreatic cancer
  • Emerald green for liver cancer
  • Clear white for lung cancer
  • Lime green for lymphoma
  • Black for melanoma
  • Burgundy for multiple myeloma
  • Teal for ovarian cancer
  • Light blue for prostate cancer
  • Yellow for sarcoma or bone cancer
  • Orchid for testicular cancer
  • Teal, pink and blue for thyroid cancer
  • Peach for uterine cancer
  • Plum for cancer caregiver gifts

Various organizations or institutions have these cancer awareness bracelets and in support of their cause, part or all of the proceeds collected from the purchase of these wristbands go to various entities. But these bracelets are also available where ever raising money for cancer is needed, such as fundraisers, benefits, dinners, galas, and even sports events such as relays or marathons.