Awareness Bracelet helps your charity get the word out.

If you need to bring attention and remind people of an important cause, an Awareness Bracelet is the perfect solution. You remember these, Lance Armstrong brought them to the world’s attention with his trademark bright yellow, rubber bracelet that had LIVESTRONG embossed on it. He wanted to remind everyone to support cancer research. In a short time, when you saw someone wearing a yellow bracelet or wristband, you knew what it meant. Not long after this phenomenon, many other charities and organization started to customize their own trademark colors and messages. Later we started seeing pink bracelets that were to symbolize support for breast cancer. A simple inexpensive concept can symbolize so much more then the few cents it cost to create it.

As noble a reason as charities were to use these awareness bracelets, it wasn’t the only practical application for these bracelets/wristbands. Many other groups, organizations, and companies found other uses for the bracelets; schools began using them to promote school spirit, music groups used them to promote their band, and businesses saw them as an easy way to create brand recognition. Even churches have been known to use them to promote the gospel by embossing a pray on the bracelet.

Today these awareness bracelets are well known throughout the world. Very often if someone sees you wearing one of these bracelets they will ask to read what it says or ask what it represents, and that is exactly what you want, isn’t it?