Message Bracelets

Have you seen those Message Bracelets? Those tiny and cute pieces of wristbands or silicone rubber bracelets in colorful hues that were once found on the hands of high schoolers and middle schoolers but which are now found to grace the manicured hands and wrists of celebrities.

What started off as a mere fashion accessory has now evolved into Message bracelets or awareness bracelets and their job now is to spread awareness about different social issues. People are now trying to convey a message to society by wearing socially responsible Message bracelets.

And the messages can be anything, starting from raising awareness about breast cancer or ovarian cancer or cervical cancer or blood cancer or AIDS or hepatitis to environmental damage and pollution or global warming or the vanishing green cover from the face of earth or go green campaigns.

Some of the message bracelets send across messages like Say No to Child Labor or Stop Child Trafficking or raise your voice against underage prostitution, while some others try to create awareness about orphaned children and their plights, literacy campaigns for the underprivileged and the deprived, Save the Girl child mission and many other such socially relevant campaigns.

PETA or People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals also sell Message bracelets to create and spread awareness about the dangers of poaching wildlife, the dwindling numbers of whales and tigers and cheetahs and lions and pandas in the world etc. It also tries to educate people through their Message bracelets not to treat animals cruelly or kill them unnecessarily.

Then there are message bracelets through which environmentalists try to create awareness about Save the Forests, Save the Greens, or about female infanticide or obesity or the dangers of diabetes – the list is endless. In short it means that if you have a socially relevant cause, then get hold of silicone rubber bracelets, inscribe the message on them and distribute or sell those Message bracelets to people to raise funds for supporting your cause.

The best place to purchase these Message bracelets is the internet. Just type “buy Message bracelets” in the search engines and you will get access to millions of sites selling different kinds of Message bracelets, espousing different causes, embossed with different slogans or messages and you can pick any of your choice.

Sometimes they cost a few cents, sometimes they cost a dollar – to be frank they are dirt cheap and fly off the virtual racks, especially in the wake of any natural calamity or catastrophe as happened after the December 26th Boxing Day Asiatic tsunami.

The tsunami relief fund sold millions of Message bracelets worldwide and the millions of dollars that were raised were used to send relief to tsunami victims who had lost their all.

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