Rubber Bracelets for Charity Events

Do you know the humble little cute looking fashion accessory called silicone rubber bracelet has been dubbed or been conferred with the honorary title of charity bracelet? Why so, you may ask amusedly. The reason is very simple.

Rubber bracelets have always figured high on the popularity charts, especially among young adults, pop stars, movie icons, fashion divas, fashionistas, recessionistas and youngsters who worship every move made by celebs. The reasons are varied.

Firstly, rubber bracelets are cheap, inexpensive and pocket friendly. Anyone can afford them, even high school students. Secondly, rubber bracelets can effortlessly lift the look of your outfit without your having to spend a fortune on accessories.

Thirdly, because these custom rubber silicone bracelets are available in a multitude of designs, patterns, motifs and colors, you can purchase a bunch of them in rainbow hues and wear them with matching outfits. Or you can simply make a cool style statement by wearing all the multicolored wristbands at one go. Rest assured, no one will miss them adorning your pretty wrists.

This is exactly why charitable organizations, charity trusts, churches, MNCs, NGOs, philanthropic organizations and others use the charity bracelet or rubber bracelet with a message or slogan inscribed inside to create awareness about a particular cause. No one fails to miss these message bracelets and particular colors stand for raising awareness about particular causes.

Such as pink charity bracelets sold by charitable organizations trying to raise awareness about breast cancer and the proceeds from the sales go towards supporting victims of breast cancer or cancer research.

Those who plan charity campaigns or sports campaigns or marathon campaigns or even campaigns that highlight various kinds of social evils often will utilize customized silicone rubber bracelets as these involve minimal capital expenditure.

But the turnover profit is huge because of their massive demand.

Usually embossed or Debossed or silk screen printed personalized charity bracelets with slogans, messages or goodwill logos are preferred by fund organizers, donors and charity trusts and churches.

Even the laser engraved ones are very popular as charity bracelets. But the screen printed silicone rubber wristbands cannot stand the test of time and get worn out, so the debossed text may be preferred.

However, when you are purchasing these cute looking charity bracelets from online stores, be careful that you are not being taken for a ride. There are plenty of sites cooking up scheming campaigns and they resort to high decibel brouhaha to sell good looking custom silicone bracelets to gullible fools.

These are the sites that are trying to rip you off, by showing their support for some strange concern or cause and by citing that the sale proceeds will go to such and such charity organizations. I will advise you to check out the credentials of these sites, charity trusts and the NGOs they are naming in their sites. Beware of fraudulent organizations.