Rubber Bracelets: Live Strong and Prosper

What do rubber bracelets and charity causes have in common? It’s a question that not a lot of people think about. Well, if you don’t know the answer, then read up. Here is a story that might just warm your heart.

Lance Armstrong is at the top of the world. With two Tour de France titles under his belt in 1993, he was set to become an immortal; the Michael Jordan of cycling, if you can put it that way. But then, the most shocking thing happened. Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer and immediately, his career took a hit. His legacy was near shambles, as it had been found out that the tumor had now advanced to his lungs, the abdomen and even to his head. It was a sad sight to see, yet for Armstrong, this was nothing but a speed bump in a career that was bound for better things. After undergoing numerous chemotherapy sessions, as well as painstaking surgeries in his body to remove the tumor, Lance Armstrong then did the impossible and came back to cycling. It was a testament to his will and determination, as he followed it up with other numerous accolades. Now, he is heralded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, conquering both the track and the challenges of life.

So what has this story got to do with colored rubber bracelets anyway? Well, lets just say that Armstrong was not the only one who was changed by what had happened. With his successful recovery, Lance Armstrong has pioneered one of the bigger and most popular charities up to date: The Livestrong Project. As an arm of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Livestrong Project serves as the biggest inspiration to everyone who has the dreaded cancer disease. The money that this project collects goes to all those who are need of treatment all over the world, as it is very clear that the costs of such may be too high to handle. And how does the Livestrong Project get its money? Well obviously, through rubber cancer bracelets! Yes, with each sold charity bracelets, you will be helping someone recover from such a disease.

It is a testament to Lance Armstrong’s perseverance and selflessness. Through these colored rubber bracelets, you will be showing your support to those who are in pain right now. Truly, there is no better way to help out than buying these bracelets.