Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are considered a great method for promoting charities, fund raising events, or for spreading awareness in the community. The bracelets are extremely popular among people of all age groups, and this is most likely because they are multi-purpose, including being stylish and comfortable to wear.

The rubber bracelets are made of silicone rubber that is molded into the bracelet or band. The best features of the bracelets are that they are cheap and easily customized. The rubber bracelet can be customized in many different and useful ways.

What are Custom Rubber Bracelets?

Creating custom bracelets is very popular today. Ordering the rubber bracelets and customizing them is very easy. Find a manufacturer online and pick out your preferences. There are many websites to found online where you can place your custom order. If you are not sure, simply type in, “custom rubber bracelets” into Google and dozens of choices will be listed.

Any manufacturer worth their salt will give you custom options, such as; color, style, text, symbols, and size. These choices are usually selected through the website ordering page, and may even give you a preview of the rubber bracelet with all of your selections applied.

Also, make sure you find a supplier that doesn’t charge for every option because there are many out there that do not. Also, if your text or symbol on the rubber bracelet stays the same, they usually will not charge you extra to choose different colors because the template is staying the same.

There are three popular text options that most manufacturers offer, embossed, debossed, and printed. Embossed text makes raised lettering and debossed is the opposite where the text is engraved into the rubber. Printed text is just what it sounds like, painted text directly onto the band of the bracelet. Embossed and debossed are the most popular because they last longer and don’t need paint or colors to contrast with the bracelet’s color.

As another option it is possible to have a special symbol or logo included on the rubber bracelet. The complexity of the symbol or logo will determine whether it can be used and if there will be an extra charge for this feature.

As you see there are many customizations to be made to the rubber bracelets, so go ahead and order custom rubber bracelets with confidence.

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