Customized Colored Rubber Bracelets for a Cause

Lance Armstrong may have started the popularity of colored rubber bracelets since 2004 when he introduced yellow “Livestrong” colored rubber bracelets. This has the purpose of raising funds about cancer awareness and for research.


Colored rubber bracelets are made from recycled rubber bands and o-rings. This has been a fashion and not only a symbol of several charitable causes and campaigns. This also adds color to an individual’s wardrobe and becomes a simple jewelry piece yet very fun to wear. It comes in various colors and worn all around your wrist. This is friendly to adults and kids since this comes in two sizes that is suitable for children and adults. If you are looking for a cheap means of doing fund raising projects, these colorful rubber bracelets may be on the top list. This simple jewelry carries great and big messages. This also brings awareness and attention to anyone regarding society causes or any campaigns. This bracelet becomes a conversation between people and by looking to these bracelets; you’ll know easily what they want you to know.


Aside from being used for charity, this is also friendship bracelets for kids and teens which they trade with their peers around their neighborhood and at their schools. Many kids and teens would want to play with various colors and most of the time they opt for neon or bright colors. Each color will identify who their friends are. They are most likely to buy a plain colored rubber bracelet then customize it by putting names or any message. These are also often used for supporting a cause, marketing purpose and spreading a message.


Campaign goals by teachers, parents, organizations and students can be quickly reached with the use and distribution of silicone bracelets. Its various colors and styles such as debossing and embossing of messages can easily get attention from your target market. Designs such as flowers and animals can be also printed on these bracelets. These bands are very economical and this wrist band does not require any mold. Due to this reason, there is a lesser cost since materials for printing messages has less cost. Glow in the dark bracelets are also possible with the use of these rubber bracelets. You also have to be creative to express the message you want to put to these colorful bracelets.


There may be some people who are allergic to latex products. Some will feel skin reaction such as rash or skin itching. This may cause respiratory reaction that will result to development of cough, excessive sneezing and runny nose. An individual may suffer from these allergic reactions. If you experience any of the above mentioned allergic reactions, it is best to remove the rubber bracelets immediately and see your doctor for applicable medication.


These colored rubber bracelets are quite inexpensive so it is much advisable to purchase this in bulk. This is widely available online and you can put your order thru mail. Different colors are also offered and you also have the option to have these bracelets be customized by printing messages on them. Your creative thoughts are also key ingredient in making these little jewelries stylish.