Customized Rubber Bracelets: Do It Yourself or Hire an Artist?

People wear customized rubber bracelets for different reasons, which can range from style to expression of support for a cause. Kids wear rubber bangles nonchalantly, but adults wear them for a very different purpose. Often, rubber bracelets are worn for a good reason. And to make these things appropriate for certain occasions or situations, manufacturers have to come up with customized rubber bracelets.


Custom bracelets have been around for some time. They offer a convenient way to support a cause, which could be a charity, a humanitarian mission, or a fundraising activity. They are also used in brand promotion whereby sales people wear custom wristbands or bangles and offer them as freebies to shoppers.


In a few instances, some people wear customized rubber bracelets because they think wearing them is cool.


Personalizing Your Rubber Bracelets Using a DIY Approach

People on a tight budget may have to rely on their own creativity when doing creating their own customized rubber bracelets. Usually people who need to customize badges, shirts, or armlets are those running organizations or charity groups. Some of these groups do not have enough funds so as much as possible they have to rely on their resourcefulness.


  • To make your own customized rubber bracelets, start by purchasing the raw items in bulk. Look for rubber bracelet suppliers and place an order.


  • Consider the right number of bracelets, depending on the size of your organization or the number of people you plan to give out or sell the items to.


  • Consider the color. Certain colors stand for certain campaigns. For instance, orange is for hunger relief while white is for hope.


  • Print your message on stickers, which you will later stick on the wristbands. Be concise with your message. The fewer the words, the better.


Don’t cram too many words in a small space or make your words too small. This isn’t the effective way to carry out your campaign. In many cases, just the acronym or the name of your organization is enough.


Make sure the people to whom you want to promote your campaign understand your cause and your objective.


Seeking a Custom Rubber Bracelet Designer

The easier option for people who have enough means and have no time to customize bracelets themselves is to hire a contractor. Many artists and designers offer customization of items like badges and arm bands. All you need to do is explain to them what your organization is, what your objective is, what you will use the customized rubber bracelets for, and what your desired outcome is.


If possible, talk to at least three designers and ask for their quotes. Before you make deal with the artist who is willing to get the job at the least price, make sure he can deliver. Check his works and call his previous customers (ask for references). Better be sure than sorry. Once you have chosen the right artist, make clear agreements particularly on the design and on the cost of the project.


The dilemma is whether to just rely on your own artistic capabilities or to let seasoned makers of customized rubber bracelets handle the job. If you are sure that you have the right skills, go ahead. Otherwise hire a professional.