Fighting For Your Cause with Custom Rubber Bracelets

It probably started with Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong’s cancer just went into remission and he started riding his bike again. To raise awareness for testicular cancer, he began wearing custom rubber bracelets in bright yellow. Seemingly etched in these customized rubber band bracelets was the word “Livestrong” and Mr. Armstrong marketed these in Oprah’s show together with his then-girlfriend country singer Sheryl Crow. Since then, custom rubber band bracelets in different colors and shapes have appeared.

These custom rubber wristbands are usually made from silicone. Silicone is a polymer that looks and feels like rubber. This polymer also contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, aside from silicon. This material is stable, non-reactive and resistant to extreme temperatures and environments. Silicone rubber is used in different industries and in a wide range of products and tools.

Silly Bandz

An example of custom rubber bands is the Silly Bandz. These are rubber bands made of silicone that are formed into different shapes that include numbers, letters, animals, and objects. The first shaped rubber bands made from silicone were made by Yumiko Ohashi and Masonar Haneda of the Passkey Design, a Japanese design team. They designed these rubber bands to discourage people from throwing them away. The team won the Best Design award for the Animal Rubber Bands in the Japanese National Competition in 2003. Businessman and BCP Imports owner Robert Croak stumbled upon the rubber bands in a business trip and decide to sell them as children’s fashion accessories when he got back. BCP Imports also distributed the Livestrong custom rubber bracelets in the United States. Silly Bandz are usually sold in themed packages; the company has also collaborated with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber to have their own Silly Bandz themed packs.

Custom Rubber Bracelets

Nowadays, custom rubber bracelets are used by charitable and non-profit organizations to promote awareness and raise funds for a cause. Some of these include increase awareness of AIDS, elimination of poverty, and LGBT rights. A notable color for these rubber bracelets is pink for breast cancer awareness.

You can have your personalized custom rubber bracelets made. Available sizes are the standard 8-inch adult size, and the standard 7-inch kid size. If you plan to add letters or messages in the rubber bracelets, you can choose from:

  • Debossed – this is the classic lettering style in silicone rubber bracelets. It is similar to the Livestrong bracelets, where the letters are engraved in the silicone.
  • Color-filled Debossed – this features the same lettering style as the classic debossed rubber bracelet, but the engraved letters are filled with a different color from the rest of the bracelet.
  • Imprinted – the letters are imprinted on the surface of the silicone rather than engraved

If you have these rubber bands made, you can order them in bulk, ranging from 100 to 5000+ pieces. Different lettering styles call for different pricing. These rubber bracelets are available in different colors such as white, black, red, lime green, light-blue, and hot pink.