Getting Your Own Customized Rubber Bracelets

There are many possible reasons why you would want to wear customized rubber bracelets. For many people, these bracelets have come to be associated with various causes, such as AIDS or cancer awareness. Others use them to espouse a certain political opinion on various social issues. There are even some who use them to declare their allegiance to professional sports teams, or their admiration for some celebrities.

Customized rubber bracelets can also be used for many kinds of marketing strategies. Instead of, or even in addition to, giving out key chains and T-shirts emblazoned with a business name or product, you can distribute these bracelets and use them as promotional items.

Or perhaps you wish to wear them without having to broadcast any message at all; you can simply treat it as just another fashion accessory. You can have them in a variety of colors, and you can wear a particular one to match certain outfits or to even match your mood. When it comes to rubber bracelets, it’s totally your choice; you can wear them, can give away, or sell them to other people.

Silicone, Not Latex

When you do decide to get a customized rubber bracelet of your own, or if you decide to purchase a large number of them, make sure that they are totally made from silicone and that they do not have any latex whatsoever.  The protein in latex can cause allergic reactions in some people. And when a rubber bracelet is manufactured from latex, it requires the use of chemical additives to make it pliable and elastic. This process results in synthetic latex, and this is also prone to cause allergic reactions.

Such allergic reactions may come in the form of skin rashes, but latex is also among the most common causes of an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. This reaction is not only severe, it may even be fatal. You don’t really want to risk wearing one of these things. It may not also be a good idea to sell them or give them away to your closest friends, and you don’t want to promote a cause—such as a fight against a certain disease—with a bracelet that may cause death.

With silicone, however, that risk is eliminated, as it needs no chemical additive. It is also durable, elastic, and resistant to heat. When it comes to silicone and latex, there is no real choice but to choose silicone.

Various Features

With the choice of material out of the way, you now have a variety of decisions to make regarding the look of your bracelet. You can have it in any color you want. You can also have various printings on the bracelet, though understandably the message has a definite limit when it comes to length. You can have it big enough for adults, or small enough for little kids to wear.

Wear them or sell them, have them in any color, print any message, and use them in whatever way you want. When it comes to customized rubber bracelets, you’re the boss.