Pros and Cons of Customized Rubber Bracelets

Customized rubber bracelets are a trendy way to make the public pay attention to your business or charity, especially when you start by distributing them to an elite few. People will clamor to get their own bracelet and that means more profit for your business. If you are considering using personalized rubber bracelets as a marketing tool, here are the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

The Advantages of Using Customized Rubber Bracelets

  • Wearable

Each person wearing your bracelet will act as a human signage. It is a virtually free marketing strategy that shows your business to potential customers. You may choose to put your company website URL, contact number and address to up the ante. Consider distributing the first batch to high profile clientele and celebrities, if you can afford it.

  • Cost-efficient

Rubber bracelets are cheaper than metal ones. Moreover, they can be wet without corroding and do not require locks and rings to detach. They can even be disinfected with hand solution to remove bacteria. Therefore, they can be worn virtually anywhere. This makes it a cost-effective way to advertise your business.

  • Eye-catching

These promotional items can be made in virtually any color and design. They look attractive and can be used to advertise anything. The bright colors work by attracting people to take notice of the bracelet itself and what is written on it. Consider using neon and bright colors for your personalized rubber bracelets. This will make it even more attractive.


The Drawbacks of Using Customized Rubber Bracelets

  • Fading

The color may eventually fade in time. Therefore, the user will stop wearing it and your free advertising would cease. However, you may continually refresh your supplies and hand them out to trusted customers.

  • Shipping Costs

If the manufacturer operates in a different location, you may have to pay a shipping fee for your customized rubber bracelets. Even so, you may choose to do business with a company that provides free shipping for wholesale orders.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Customized Rubber Bracelets

  • Durability

The item must be made out of high-quality material that can last for a longer period of time. It would make more sense to spend on a high-quality bracelet than to stick with a cheaper one that fades and breaks in less than a month.

  • Craftsmanship

The manufacturer should be able to create your customized bracelet exactly the way you had it designed. If it looks blurred or has patches of ink, it will look more like an eyesore than a promotional item. Should you receive a batch that is badly created, inform the manufacturer at once.

Customized rubber bracelets are a fashion statement that attracts a larger audience. You can use it to promote anything. However, it is important to distribute well-made pieces that will make a person proud to wear them. Design them in a way that will attract your target market. Customized rubber bracelets have become one of the most effective and modern ways to make your business visible.