Need Custom Rubber Bracelets?

Getting custom silicone bracelets made is not as difficult or expensive as one might think. When ever the word custom is used to describe something people automatically think it includes a lot of work and money to get it customized. However, when talking about a custom rubber bracelet, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Customize your wristband
Customize your wristband

To design a custom wristband or bracelet it is a simple process that can be completed online using your computer. If you visit and go to the order page you will be presented with all of the choices and options to start styling your rubber bracelet. The page shows you color options (to the right) to choose for your bracelets. You can use one solid color or a combination of a couple of colors as a two tone or swirl effect. If you do not see the color you want it is possible to request a custom color.

There are numerous text options that have been proven to look good and are readable, but just note the message that a few colors do not read well with certain fonts. Next step is to enter your text you want to appear on the outside of the wristband. The lettering will be debossed (engraved) into the rubber bracelet and will be the same color as the bracelet. You can also have additional text inserted into the inside portion of the wristband for small additional fee. Some clients prefer to include their domain name or web address inside the rubber bracelet for marketing purposes. Whatever text you enter, click on the preview button to see an example of what your custom rubber bracelets are going to look like.

Of course it is an option to have a logo or emblem printed or debossed into the bracelet. This can be done instead of your text message or as an additional part of the message. If this is desirable for your order it is necessary to be given proof of ownership of any logo images.

Another option to consider is the sizing of the bracelet. By default there are 2 choices, Adult and Youth. Keep in mind that sometimes the youth sizes work better for some women, and it is always possible to get custom sizes made. These custom silicone bracelets are made of durable silicone, so they do stretch, but they will not break easily, and can last a lifetime.

How many? This is the big question at the end of your order. To help in your decision keep in mind how popular the rubber wristbands have become of the years. Also, the more you order the cost can drop drastically. If the wristbands are for a fundraising campaign then creating a larger profit margin would be desirable. Large quantity order can bring down the cost well below $1.00 per bracelet. Another money saving feature is you will get free delivery for any purchase of $50.00 or more.

Ordering custom rubber bracelets is a simple and painless procedure, and with free, fast delivery, what are you waiting for? Order rubber bracelets, now!