Fund Raising Bracelet – Raise Money for Charity

A Fund raising bracelet combines fashion and a good social cause.  They come in several colors and are used by groups and organizations to raise funds to aid in serving the community.

An Easy Method of Raising Funds

Silicone bracelets are an easy and a hassle free method of collecting funds. Silicone bracelets are cheap. They are readily available out in the market place. This way of fund raising for charities attracts the attention of the youth.

You can purchase them from the suppliers for as low as 50 cents per bracelet. You can sell them for as much money as you like giving plenty of room for a decent profit margin. People with the heart to give to charity will not mind paying big amounts for them. After all, it is all for a good cause.

History of These Fund Raising Bracelets

These originated as Lance Armstrong bracelets in the year 2004. They were yellow colored bracelets that were manufactured as a fundraising tool supporting cancer research. It was also meant to support research on cancer combating drugs. This venture was a great success. This idea was adopted by many other organizations, both national as well as international. Even local groups adopted this method as a fund raising tool.

If you are planning to follow this procedure for fund raising, the first step you must follow is to choose the color of the rubber band. The original Lance Armstrong Live Strong bands were yellow in color. These were later followed by the pink colored fund raising bracelets.

These pink rubber bracelets were meant to support research to combat breast cancer. This was again a big success and managed to collect huge amounts of money for charity. We also get multi colored rubber bracelets, camouflage colored bracelets. Blue and white bracelets were sold for helping tsunami victims, and the list goes on, and on.

If you are planning to support some charity in this way, many manufacturers will help you out in selecting the right type of design and color based on the cause. You can also have the bracelets custom made the way you wish to have them. You can even put a logo on the bracelet, though you may have to take care to do this step carefully since not all logos are created the same.

The message on your fund raising bracelet should be brief, yet effective enough to get your point through. A few quotes found on rubber bracelets are ‘Faith Hope Love’, ‘Belief and find the cure’, ‘Live strong’ are some of the more well known quotes. What you print on the rubber bracelets should have a strong impact on the people so that they will appreciate it and buy it.

Generally, suppliers of these fund raising bracelets, allow up to 16 characters for placing your message.  However, some of the manufacturers even let you place up to 60 characters on your fund raising bracelet.

Silicone bracelets are a great fund raising product to use with your next charity or awareness program.