Fund-raising with Silicone Bracelets

Need a good way to raise money for your organization without a lot of hassle? There are many fund-raising options that can be used to meet your goals. Unfortunately, many of these options need a lot of coordination, cooperation and salesmanship. To keep it less complicated it is possible to have a direct sales fundraiser with a product that is simple, fun, popular, and just about sells itself. Silicone rubber bracelets are still commonly used for raising money for numerous organizations and charities. Compared to other alternatives, selling silicone bracelets is a simple and profitable venture to help meet fund-raising goals.

Some fund-raising methods can be complicated to organize especially when it is reliant upon volunteers or students that have too much on their plate to devote their time to the cause. Order taking fundraisers, such as the candy selling method, must be monitored efficiently, and sellers have to be motivated to really sell. Sometimes the variety of items being sold can add work to the bookkeeping. For schools tracking students’ sales can be problematic and time consuming. More importantly, schools have been changing their policies to ban candy sales on campus for nutritional issues.

Online fundaising techniques can be even more complicated. An example of this method is to create a web site that sells various products, and out of every sale the charity receives a commission. Several issues can arise with this method; it is necessary to get an agreement with an online vendor to donate a percentage of all purchases, the web site needs to be created and maintained, methods of tracking and secure order handling must be programmed into the website’s back-end, and it would be necessary to advertise the website to stimulate traffic and eventually purchases. For some organizations that already have a internet presence this option may be easy to implement, otherwise if it is necessary to start from scratch, this technique may not be the answer.

Special event fundraisers are probably one of the more common money raising techniques. Some examples of these types include; dances, carnivals and fairs, dinners, plays, and car washes. All demand good organization, planning, volunteers, or hire professional organizers. For such an event to take place, basic responsibilities would need to be addressed, such as; facilities use, advertising, ticket selling, and obtaining volunteers. For business and corporate entities these issues may not be much of a problem, but for schools this type of event can be more difficult to pull off.

For some groups and organizations the issues mentioned above may be easily overcome. However, many prefer the path of least resistance, which is less complicated and less stressful on organizers. Silicone rubber bracelets are a simple product that has lasting appeal, and can be customized to accommodate any organization’s theme and goals.

Comparatively, selling custom rubber bracelets has one of the lowest initial up front costs necessary to get started. The low price per unit decreases as the order quantity goes up, and colors can be as varied as needed. Also, by keeping the same message or symbol on every bracelet will help keep costs down, and still give you color changes if desired. Purchasing the custom bracelets is simple, and probably the more difficult job is to choose the appropriate color theme and message that matches your organization or school’s goals. With this product your fundraiser can be profitable and manageable which will help your organization meet its fund-raising goals.

Today, due to worldwide exposure, people recognize the purpose of these rubber bracelets and are more willing to give their support.