Fundraising Bracelets for a Cause

There are a lot of important causes to give your time and effort to and you can do it by purchasing a fundraising bracelet. This type of bracelet serves to make people aware of the different causes that can support. Whatever the cause, fundraising activities in school and in the community can be easier when you sell products that appeal to everybody. Aside from fundraising bracelets you can also sell t-shirts, mugs and caps. Here are some tips on how to use fundraising bracelets to your cause’s advantage:

1.      Have rubber bracelets designed along with your group logo and name. Think of a catchy name for your group like if you are raising funds for your school choir, print something like “The Singing Sensations” on the bracelet and your group color would complete the effect. People will be willing to listen to your plea for help in funding your group if you take extra effort in making everything perfect.

2.      Have fundraising information on the bracelet too. If it could still fit, place your phone number and also your website for details about your group. “The Singing Sensations” could have a homepage for people to get to know them better and where you can post your fundraising campaign to fund your group. You can also provide information on how much funds you have already gathered.

3.      Have fundraising bracelets designed for your group plus additional merchandise. You can also design t- shirts with your group name in the front and a remark that says something like “I helped The Singing Sensations to the State Competition!” You may also make caps, pins and banners that say this sentence as well as other catchy phrases. Have an artist design a great logo or a picture that represents the entire group. You may have a promo that may say: “buy a shirt and get a fundraising bracelet for free!” so people may purchase more items.

4.      Have fundraising bracelets made of other fancier materials. Instead of the usual rubber type material, why not try beads, crystals, pearls or even fancy ribbons for your bracelets? You may also try making an entire jewelry set made up of earrings, necklace and even a handmade watch bracelet to go with your bracelet. This will surely attract more customers to your cause. You can check the Internet or browse jewelry catalogues regarding bracelet designs. If you want to make your own bracelets then shop for the best store to purchase beads and craft materials. Your local DIY shop can help you with all your project needs.

5.      Have fundraising bracelets in different sizes and for male and female too. Men might think that your bracelets are just for women so have designs that appeal to men too. You can have leather bracelets, black gothic designs and tribal designs too. Have your fundraising bracelets in different sizes or make them stretchable so they can fit any arm or hand size.

Your fundraising efforts will surely flourish thanks to fundraising bracelets for a cause!