Awareness Bracelets: An Icon for a Noble Cause

Since the age old days, jewelry has always been a mode of conveying our individual preference, beliefs and favorite style. In our present day, we are one step ahead with jewelry, varied items of beautiful designs, and catchy designs as a means for supporting various causes. Awareness bracelets served to be one of the most popular symbols used for any kind of noble cause. These days, there are many different causes to support such as, diabetes awareness, cancer awareness, anti-life causes. These awareness bracelets were introduced as an icon for many campaign and awareness program.

The bracelets used to support these various causes are usually silicone rubber, colored distinctively for the cause, and has words printed on the bracelets, such as the more popular cause related bracelet, “Live Strong” which is intended for cancer awareness. These rubber bracelets are inexpensive and come in different attractive colors and types such as embossed, screen-printed, laser made, glow-in-the-dark etc.

The cause related or awareness bracelet fad was first introduced by Lance Armstrong when he wore his yellow bracelet as a sign of his battle against Cancer and support to cancer victims and survivors. The particular bracelet he wore had words printed on it “Live Strong”. Since then everybody started following his example and now this item is no longer just a trend or a fashion accessory but a jewel with a power to change people’s lives.

These bracelets are made of cheap materials are inexpensive and are sold for a very small profit. The bulk of its generated profit goes straight to the cause the bracelet is meant to support.

These cause related bracelets are now gaining its popularity in other fields as well. Nowadays, it is not only used for raising awareness but it is a fad among young teenagers and even younger adolescents.  It is also used for different purposes such as promoting businesses, event promotion, family anniversaries, sports, birthdays, weddings, churches, and so on.

Whatever cause you want to support, these awareness bracelets are a great way to promote your favorite cause or charity. They are inexpensive and the easiest awareness tool for people to choose.